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In our English School we have English language courses for General English, IELTS, CAE and FCE ...

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Finding an English language course in Dublin, Ireland can be complicated. We are here to help you ...

Bilingual Brains

Learn about research at Everest. How do people learn English in Dublin?


We are interested in what happens inside your brain when you learn English or any other language ...

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    English Courses in Dublin with Everest

    Here are some of the most popular English courses in our school

    General English Course

    General English

    Improve your level of English


    General English course in Dublin. Dynamic classes focused on speaking ...

    IELTS Preparation

    Prepare for IELTS

    with our expert teachers


    Get the best possible band score in your IELTS exam with Everest. Learn essential exam skills

    Cambridge Preparation

    We offer courses to prepare for Cambridge exams


    We can help you get the best mark in the Cambridge First and Advanced English exams

    Business English

    Finding a job, writing your CV, preparing for interviews


    Our Business English course will give you the English you need to work in English

    Everest English School

    About Everest English School Dublin

    Everest English School Dublin was started by experienced teachers. These language teachers decided that they wanted to open a new kind of English school in Dublin. The school has now grown to include an incredible team of accredited teachers of English. Our English school offers a wide range of courses. You can study for an exam (FCE, CAE and IELTS) as well as General English courses.

    Why you should study at our English school

    If you are looking for an English School in Dublin, Everest is a great choice. We are a school owned and operated by teachers. We have an incredible team of English teachers. Our English school is located in the very middle of Dublin city centre. Our Director of studies is working on research in Trinity College Dublin, learning about bilingual brains. Best of all, we are a small school that looks after all our students and we work extremely hard to give them the best possible experience in Dublin.

    About us

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    What is it like to study English in Everest?

    Google Review of Everest Language School

    Student Reviews: English School Dublin

    5 * reviews of English courses in our academy in Dublin, Ireland

    "Everest Language School is located in Dublin city center we offer both general English and exam preparation courses so the main focus of the classes is communication which means that the students spend a lot of time in class speaking. They also study other linguistic skills like reading, writing listening and pronunciation, as well as techniques that will help them to pass exams or to get a job."

    "The classes are really energetic really dynamic and they are a lot of fun. The teachers who work at Everest have years of experience and the standard of teaching is very high! All of our teachers are friendly and kind and they're always there to give extra help and advice to their students."

    "We make sure that our classes are excellent and also that the entire experience of living and studying in Dublin is really positive and really enjoyable for all of our students. Our students level of English improves very quickly while they're here with us and we're always so proud of the progress that they make during their time here."

    "In Everest we try to make everything as easy as possible. On your first day we will welcome you to the school And then sit down and do a short speaking test with you. We're here to help you with all the practical aspects of living in Dublin. So things like opening a bank account getting a student travel card and getting your study visa for Ireland. We also give students advice about places to go for a coffee, or to go for food in Dublin and also beautiful places to visit in Ireland."

    English School Dublin _ Review: Salvatore

    "The best English school in Dublin"

    In my opinion the best english school in Dublin.

    I had an amazing experience and I advice anyone to attend this school because attending this school means to be in a big family in which we were paid plenty of attention.

    A special thank you all my teachers who helped me to improve my english.


    English School Dublin _ Review: Juliana

    "Simply amazing experience!"

    I had an incredible experience studying at Everest with online classes. Native teachers, students from different parts of the world, a methodology that will not let you stand still at any time. Not to mention the help of the support that was always present with return in every moment I needed. Unlike everything I have seen in English schools, it was all very special and I intend to return soon. Simply amazing experience!

    English School Dublin _ Review: Eleonora

    "A very constructive experience"

    In Everest I had a great time. The teachers are always very kind and prepared. I followed the online course during the covid period, it was a very constructive experience. I recommend it to anyone who has difficulty starting to speak in another language.

    English School Dublin _ Review: Angela

    "Great location in Dublin, in the heart of the city"

    Everest Language School is an amazing school with great professionals: teachers, reception staff and directors. They are all well organized and are always helping the students. There are also extra activities to get to know the culture of the country and other students of the school. You can have Yoga class with a wonderful teacher. It is located in a great location of Dublin, in the heart of the city. The whole team from Everest is really good and I highly recommend this school for the new students.