Cafés, Pubs and more

Cafés, Pubs and more

by Bianca Bareato

16.05. - 22.05.2016

Mon 16.05 - 3fe

3fe coffee Dublin

If like me you are a coffee lover, before leaving Dublin you should visit 3fe. Apparently this place, hands down, serves the best coffee in town. All the coffee shops around town buy coffee powder or coffee beans from this small and multi-award winning place. Colin Harmon founded 3fe in 2008 when he decided to devote his entire life to coffee. He started from the scratch and just in few months he had won the Irish Barista Championships. The proof of the pudding is in the eating…


Tue 17.05 - The Barge

The Barge Dublin

Portobello is not just a famous place in London, but also an area of Dublin full of life and artistic influences and in the heart of Portobello the Barge is located, a pub where, especially during summer, young people gather to have a beer and to sit on the banks of the Canal. You can have great craic here hanging out with friends on a sunny day, just bear in mind that if you go there on a beautiful Friday afternoon thinking that you had such a good idea you will probably meet half the population of Dublin that had your same original idea.


Wed 18.05 - Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard

This place is a recent discovery. I have been there with a friend of mine and her lovely little girl for a tea. Plenty of choice almost for any type of stomach. I tried a fantastic cactus tea with a vegan cake with peanut butter and they were both delicious. The concept of the place is easy: good coffee from the well known 3fe, best tea in town from wall & keogh, organic free range eggs, salt from Achill island and so on and so forth. If your stomach is grumbling while you are walking in Dublin Northside this place is definitely a lucky guess.


Thu 19.05 - Avoca

Avoca Dublin

Avoca it’s not just an Irish family-run business, but also one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies. The shop in Dublin sells their famous throws and blankets as well as clothes and food. If you are about to leave Dublin and you want to buy some souvenirs that will last for generations, I suggest coming here and have a look.


Fri 20.05 - National Gallery

National Gallery of Ireland

I’ve already talked about the National Gallery and its marvellous cafeteria in one of my previous blogs, but this is a good occasion to highlight the beauty of this place again. In fact from the 4th of May until 17th of July there will be an exposition of ten of the finest drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci. The exhibition is free even if pre-booking is essential. You better hurry because just a few tickets are still available!


Sat  21.05 - International Literature Festival Dublin

International Literature Festival

It’s very exciting to spend the summer in Dublin as there are always so many Festivals. This Saturday until the 29th of May there will be the International Literature Festival that will host many notable guests such as Naomi Klein and the Greek Minister for Finance. Join the Festival and the possibility to participate in a debate with you favourite writer! I suggest you to have a look at the program on their website here.


Sun 22.05 -  Powerscourt Estate

Powerscourt Garden Wicklow

In Enniskerry, County Wicklow just one hour by bus from Dublin there are these magnificent 19 hectares of gardens. Fountains, statues, trees of many different species, a japanese garden, Italian gardens, horses and small lakes. Here is everything you can find at Powerscourt, plus if you want to set up a vegetable garden in your balcony there is a huge shop which is all about plants and gardening. A paradise!