June Occasions

June Occasions - Learn English and Discover Dublin with Everest

by Bianca Bareato

06.06. - 12.06.2016

Mon 06.06 - Bank Holiday

Bank holiday for everyone! Also for us bloggers, so my suggestion for the day is: sleep in and wake up just when the sun is gone and the night is dark and full of terrors.


Tue 07.06 - Hansel and Gretel Bakery and Patisserie

Hansel and Gretel Dublin

Close to the National Gallery, on Clare Street, there is a place that you absolutely must consider for your next breakfast. Every time I pass close to the shop’s window my stride slows and my sight is captured by the magnificence of croissants, cakes and bread of any type. Avoid walking through Clare Street if you’re on the smoothie/tea/aloe or whatever diet/detox but for all the other shameless humans-  just enjoy it!


Wed 08.06 - Acapulco

Acapulco taco Dublin

I love spicy food and when I am craving something super spicy my mind usually flies to the thai cuisine or the mexican one. And my second thought is: what a better way to refresh your burned mouth if not with a classic Margarita? Sizzling fajitas, homemade nachos, deep fried ice-cream...Do you want a preview? Have a look here.


Thu 09.06 - Bunsen

Bunsen Dublin

In Italy, normally, the fewer the options on the menu the better the quality of food. If that paradigm is true also here in Ireland, for the hamburger lovers - Bunsen is a winning choice. The menu consists in only four types of hamburgers, three types of fries and drinks. All of my friends consider this place as the hamburger’s temple. Three locations around Dublin among which to choose from, have a look at their website.


Fri 10.06 - Ely Wine Bar

Ely Wine Bar

Friday evening is aperitivo time and Ely Wine Bar is the ultimate location. 16 years ago, in December 1999 Ely Wine Bar opened originally offering 100 wines by the glass. Now the choice is even wider and the quality of food and beverage is off the table. You can choose between two locations, one beside St Stephen’s Green and the other in Dublin’s Docklands. To have a better idea about the place have a look at their website here.


Sat  11.06 - St. Anne’s Park Dublin

St.Annes park Dublin

Northside Dublin, Clontarf. St. Anne’s Park is part of the beauties of Dublin. Born as a holy place of pilgrimage and veneration, it’s now a green hub in the city, full of attractions for different tastes. There is a woodlands with nice walkways, exotic shrubbery and flora, yew trees, oak and maples and a Rose Garden that was opened in 1975 and since then it had been winning lots of awards for the beauty of its roses.


Sun 12.06 - The Bizarre Bloomsday Brunch & Street Party

Bloomsday brunch

Dublin is famous for many things and one of them is James Joyce, who, with his books, described Dublin’s many aspects. Every year on the 16th of June Bloomsday takes place, a celebration of the day named after Leopold Bloom, the main character in Ulysses. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for that day you can participate to the Bizarre Bloomsday Brunch where apparently you can find “all the weird and wacky parts of Joyce with food, performances, games and music from the pages of Ulysses” Tickets here.