Visit Dublin in June

Visit Dublin in June - Explore Dublin and learn English

by Bianca Bareato

13.06. - 19.06.2016

Mon 13.06 - Merrion Square Park

Merrion Square

Grab a coffee somewhere and start your week by walking in one of the finest parks in Dublin. The Park was originally a private garden for the residents of the Square, but now is managed by the Dublin City Council. In the Park, that is surrounded by beautiful Georgian houses, you can find a statue of Oscar Wilde, who lived in no. 1 Merrion Square, a collection of old Dublin lamp posts and a central floral garden. Plus during summer there is an open-air Cinema.


Tue 14.06 - Le petit Parisien

Petit Parisian

Time for a french buttery breakfast! The idea of the place is to recreate the Parisian atmosphere of 1920s and to seduce the customers both with food and environment. Apparently it passed many French approval tests. Will it pass yours as well? Try Le petit-Dejeuner “Parisian”, you will see the world with rose-tinted lenses after this experience. To find out more have a look here.


Wed 15.06 - Staples

Staple foods

“Balanced, unprocessed foods that is fundamentally good for you”, that’s the philosophy of Staples, which every day offers fresh seasonal food. They focus principally in two different diets, the paleo and the vegan.  Check out their menu here. In addition to that, for the perfect healthy combo,  just below Staples there is “Form School”, a super fancy place dedicated to pilates and yoga. Drop in class 20 EUR.


Thu 16.06 - Bloomsday


Finally it's June the 16th, the day named after Leopold Bloom, the central character in Ulysses, the James Joyce novel. The peculiarity of this day is that you will walk around Dublin thinking you are in 1904. In fact all the people dress up and behave like characters of the book. During this day the performances will be various from reading to visiting the places described in the book and to eating things like liver and kidneys. Immerse yourself in this festive atmosphere and, very important, don’t forget to buy a straw boater hat. Have a look on the programme here.


Fri 17.06 - Enoteca delle Langhe

Enoteca delle Langhe

Very high reviews for this Italian place that opened in 2013 in the middle of the Italian quarter. It  offers a wide choice of wine and food: 100 different wines from 40 different producers, cured meat and pasta dishes. Perfect for a romantic tete a tete or an informal dinner with your friends. Have a look at their reviews here.


Sat  18.06 - Body & Souls

Body and soul

To be honest, I don’t know if you will still find tickets available, because this is a very popular festival in Dublin and a lot of people come from all over the world to attend to it. But have a try! You might be lucky. Body & Soul is an arts & music festival where, during three days in the Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath, people gather to share and discover new form of music and celebrate “life in all its shapes and colours”. All information available here.


Sun 19.06 - The Marker Hotel

drunch Dublin

Finish your week in the best way by having a Drunch on the top of the Marker Hotel. What’s a Drunch? Oh, come on guys! How come you don’t know it? It’s an hybrid between lunch and dinner, and obviously the idea comes from one of the coolest people in the world: the Parisians. So Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm give yourself the last nice treat before the week starts again, have a fancy drink and enjoy the sunset behind the city skyline. Here’s a preview!