Discover Dublin in June

Discover Dublin in June. Experience the city and Learn English |

by Bianca Bareato

20.06. - 26.06.2016

Mon 20.06 - Aungier Street Pizza

Dublin Pizza Company

Dublin is a city that keeps growing and evolving day after day. You miss one week and you discover that a new and super cool place has popped out from nowhere. And from a simple idea came the ultimate place for angry, impatient people: the 60 second pizza. The pizza, assembled under your desirous eyes, is cooked in a giant wood-fired oven. In fact one of the ideas under this place comes from the founder Michael Ryan who said: “I really like that interactive element of it. You’re eating with your eyes, before you even get the pizza in front of you”. If you want to know more have a look here (Dublin Pizza Company). 


Tue 21.06 - j2 grill & sushi

J2 Grill and Sushi

I had a lovely girls' night out last week and for this special occasion we choose this sushi place. I could dedicate an entire blog just to Pizza places or to Sushi places and j2 grill & sushi would be definitely part of it. Favourite Points: view on the river, big walls of glasses, food really fresh and good, which mainly comes from Ireland or organic producers, friendly staff. And to properly finish your meal try the desserts that are very tasty! Have a look here.


Wed 22.06 - St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

You can’t leave Dublin without having visited the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This is the largest Cathedral In Ireland and it’s an important place for pilgrimage. Founded in 1191, it is one of the few buildings left from Medieval Dublin that still preserves its aura of authenticity. The cathedral is also very famous for its choir that still performs daily during school terms. You can discover more about it or simply buy the tickets here


Thu 23.06 - HQ

HQ Dublin

That’s another promising place with a special attention to local food. It defines itself as a “modern Irish Restaurant and Gastro Bar”. What are you up to? Bar, Brunch, Lunch, Pre Theatre, A la Carte, Dessert? There’s an option for any belly and occasion! Not to mention the Cocktails made with natural ingredients and Irish Craft Spirits. Start by having a look here.


Fri 24.06 - Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse

What could possibly be better than finishing your week by having a pint of the “Black Stuff” on the rooftop Gravity Bar? Well, whether you are a beer lover or not, this destination is in the “to do list” of every single site regarding, just do it! And if you are not very interested in the process of making beer at least you will enjoy one of the best view of Dublin! Tickets available here.


Sat  25.06 - World of Coffee

Coffee Convention Dublin

Last day and last chance to participate to this amazing Festival. It’s all about Coffee! Over 10,000 visitors expected from more than 100 countries. What can you expect from an event like that? Tasting innumerable types of coffee, participating in workshops and events regarding this celestial beverage, meeting many addicted and enthusiastic people to socialise with and finding out everything about this black engine that every morning helps us to wake up! Don’t miss it!


Sun 26.06 - C.W. Stoneking at Whelan’s

This Sunday at Whelan’s you will find a vintage Blues atmosphere that will allow you to finish the weekend with a relaxing mood. Interviewed in the 2011 C.W. Stoneking said: “I ain’t from the past so it couldn’t possibly be from there. It ain’t bits of old music sticky-taped together, it’s all been made up fresh”. Tickets available on Whelan’s website and in the meanwhile here’s a little preview!