Cultural Events in Dublin

Cultural Events in Dublin

by Bianca Bareato

27.06. - 03.07.2016

Mon 27.06 - IMMA Collection: A decade

IMMA Collection- A decade

The Irish Museum of Modern Art is housed in a beautiful location: the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, founded in 1648 as a home for retired soldiers. It opened as IMMA and since then it hosted many beautiful exhibitions. And “A decade” is an exhibit regarding how the National Collection of Modern Art has developed over the past 10 years. You will find painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance, that will give the sense of how vast and diverse contemporary art can be. Have a look at all the other current exhibitions here.

Tue 28.06 - Disclosure - Royal Hospital Kilmainham Hospital

Disclosure - Royal Hospital Kilmainham Hospital

Same location as Monday, but very different event. In fact the Disclosure will finally performed an outdoor show at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital. I hope that you will be on time to buy the tickets, because, if you are a fan of electronic music, this is an event that you can’t miss. Special guest Vince Staples. Before going I strongly suggest a full immersion in their electronic vibes with a preview of their last album Caracal.


Wed 29.06 - Camille

Camille Dublin

I am a super fan of Thai food, so spicy and surprising! Camille, voted in 2014 as the healthiest takeaway, it’s a good representative of the thai cuisine, in fact it only uses fresh ingredients such as meat from locally sourced animals, local and seasonal vegetables  and on top of that they make all their sauces in-store from scratch. Have a look at the customer’s favourites here.


Thu 30.06 - Jo Burger

Jo Burger Dublin

Not as good as Bunsen, but definitely a good option if you want to eat a good hamburger and you are spending the night with your vegetarian friend. Compromise is always a good thing and if you are not able to control your carnivorous instinct you can bring your healthy friend with you and while you’ll biting your juicy hamburger he can eat the chickpea one. At least you won’t feel too guilty. Check here for the other available options on the menu.


Fri 01.07 - PhotoIreland Festival

PhotoIreland Festival

PhotoIreland is a volunteer organisation that promotes internationally the work of artists in and from Ireland. The festival begins today but it will last until the 31st of July. There’s not much to say, because all the different workshops, events and especially all the pictures will speak for themselves all around Dublin for one month. I strongly suggest you to have a look every day on their website to know which will be the next interesting exhibition close to you.


Sat  02.07 - Dublin City Block Party - Tivoli Car Park

Dublin City Block Party - Tivoli Car Park

The Tivoli Car Park is a place where every year, during an event organised by All City Jam, graffiti artists gather to do some art. This Saturday at the Tivoli Car Park you won’t see graffiti artist but many DJs that will perform live, to mention just few names: Kelis, Dusky, Matthew Herbert, Harvey Sutherland… Wear your fancy shoes and be prepare to dance all the night! Tickets here.


Sun 03.07 - Moloughney’s

Moloughney’s Dublin

Yes it’s Sunday and yes, of course, it’s a brunch place. Before deciding what to eat you can first stimulate your appetite by having a walk close to the sea, in fact this place is in Clontarf a very nice residential area close to the sea. Well, finally, after the walk you can enjoy the many tasty options of the menu. Do you want a preview? Have a look here.