Dublin Food Experience

Dublin Food Experience

by Bianca Bareato

25.04. - 01.05.2016

Mon 25.04 - Dolce Sicily

Dolce Sicily Dublin

There is this place in Dawson Street that, at first sight, is difficult to notice, but if you give it a chance you won’t miss it anymore. I know, I know it’s another Italian place! But, what can I say? As Madonna once stated “Italian do it better”, well, not always, but at least for what concern the kitchen. The Dolce Sicily is a very nice place in this busy street with a creative offer of sweetness for breakfast, but also many options for lunch. Before leaving be sure to take the loyalty card!


Tue 26.04 - Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel Dublin

If I have to choose my favourite place in Dublin ...here we are. Umi Falafel and its food is as simple as it seems: not so many options in the menu and minimalistic environment. But you can’t go wrong, whether you will make a random guess on the menu or you will choose on purpose the Palestinian Falafel with the Minted Lemonade.


Wed 27.04 - Science Gallery Café

Science Gallery Dublin

Very modern environment, glass walls a place full of light and great free exhibitions. Until the 5th of June there will be an exhibition named “Field Test, Radical Adventure in Future Farming”. After having seen the exhibition you can switch to the small shop full of useless but super interesting things and right after to the Cafe. Sit there and enjoy the view of people passing by, hopefully during a bright spell.


Thu 28.04 - The Cedar Tree

The Cedar Tree Dublin

You have to go there with a couple of hungry friend so that you can share the Mezze. You will be astonished by the quantity of tiny dishes they will put on the table and you will be even more surprised by the fact that after finishing a few of them you will be already totally, completely, hopelessly stuffed as if you had a full traditional Christmas lunch.


Fri 29.04 - Graeme of Thrones - Olympia Theatre

Grame of Thrones Dublin

I know that you were doing the countdown to watch the new season of Game of Thrones and that finally you watched the first episode few days ago. You are such an addict! Don’t be ashamed, you can always pretend not to care too much by going to see the parody at the Olympia Theatre, apparently it is a must see for any of Game Thrones fan and the reviews are all very positive. It’s been created by a team of some of the Uk’s top comedy writers and it’s said to be stupidly enjoyable. Tickets available here.


Sat  30.04 - The Super Natural Food Market

The Super Natural Food Market

Since 1988 every Saturday in Pearse Street at the St. Andrew’s Resource Centre takes place an Organic Market. You can buy fresh fish, free range eggs, vegetables,fruits, local cheese and have a lunch there. Ask for suggestion from the greengrocers about recipes, for example did you know that with the chickpea flour and few more ingredients you can make a soft and tasty bread?


Sun 01.05 -  BC CAMPLIGHT - Whelan’s

BC Camplight Dublin

Dance like nobody’s watching you is the motto of a real strawberry blond dubliner and I can’t agree more! And that’s the perfect occasion to embrace your purpose with this peculiar and scathing groove. Eclectic songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a pretty intense life, which is reflected in the particular groove of his music. Tickets here.