Docklands Specials

Docklands Specials

by Bianca Bareato

02.05. - 08.05.2016

Mon 02.05 - Stand up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Board Dublin

The concept is very simple, you just need to stand on a board and paddling. It probably won’t be like paddle boarding in a hawaiian beach during a sunny day, but the idea to doing that in the middle of a european capital surrounded by a beautiful and modern urban frame is not that bad. The classes are both for beginners and intermediate and they already provide all the equipment, you just need to have fun and enjoy the experience.


Tue 03.05 - Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Johnnie Fox's Wicklow

Apparently every pub in Ireland has its own characteristic, there is the oldest ones, the one where James Joyce used to spend all his time and so on and so forth. But this one is a very special one. It’s not only the highest pub in Ireland, but for me is by far the most beautiful one. The location is amazing: right in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains. The old atmosphere is well preserved inside and the food is really good.


Wed 04.05 - Docklands CoCo MarketFood Market Dublin - Docklands Specials

It’s already half of the working or studying week and you definitely deserve a break. Every Wednesday from 12 pm to 2.30 pm in the Docklands the CoCo Markets takes place. Let yourself be tempted by different choices of food from all over the world. Have a sit on a bench and enjoy the view of swans and and boats drifting along the Canal.


Thu 05.05 - Tomohachi

Tomohachi Dublin

Close to the Ha’Penny Bridge there  is this new place and every time that I was passing by I promised myself that sooner or later I would have to try it. Well, the expectations didn’t reach the reality, I think that there are much better places in Dublin where to eat sushi, but this one is not even that bad, so if you are craving sushi and you’re passing by pop in and have a hot miso soup with sushi accompanied by a Brown Rice Tea.


Fri 06.05 - Juniors Paulie’s Pizza

Paulies pizza dublin

Did someone say Pizza? The perfect way to welcome the imminent weekend is with a lovely pizza and this is the best place in town. Cozy atmosphere, natural ingredients and tasty drinks as well. When I arrived in Dublin I was pretty sceptical about the italian pizza that I might find here and when I first came to this place I had the worst attitude and guess what? Since than I am a hooked guest of this place.


Sat  07.05 - Fumbally

The Fumbally Dublin

Oh brunch, holy brunch! Defined as the most hipster friendly eatery, this place was founded by people linked by the love for food, good coffee and the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends. Here you will find fresh, healthy, organic and simple food, they have permanent breakfast and a lunch menu that changes accordingly with the chefs ideas. At Fumbally they also organise dinner on Wednesday with a specific dish or theme. What are you waiting for?

Sun 08.05 -  Ashtown Dog Pound

Dog Pound Dublin

This Sunday you can decide to do something for your karma and for someone else as well. Why don’t you go to the Ashtown Dog Pound? Here you will find many dogs waiting for you and you can either decide to volunteer for few hours taking the dogs for a walk in a park close by or to adopt one of the rescued dog of the pound.