International Bars and Food

International Bars and Food

By Bianca Bareato

09.05. - 15.05.2016

Mon 09.05 - The International Bar

International Bar Dublin

Since 1992, every Monday at the International Bar the Dublin Comedy Improv takes place. Basically some of the biggest names in Irish Comedy perform here with the purpose of trying out material. Apart from the quality entertainment, you will have the chance to be part of the acting. In fact it’s a very interactive experience during which the actors usually socialise with the public and make them feel part of the show. Highly recommended to brave, outgoing people that don’t take themselves too seriously .


Tue 10.05 - The Asia Market

Asia Market Dublin

Do you want to prepare sushi at home and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to try strange food with weird consistency? Do you want to buy a super cheap sack of chickpeas that will last for the rest of your life? Do you need an extremely rare ingredient for the last of your culinary masterpiece? Even if you just want to pretend to be in an unknown asian destination that’s the right place to go. It's just after the George’s Street Arcade Market.


Wed 11.05 - The Woollen Mills

Wollen Mills Dublin

The place itself is full of history, in fact it's an iconic building with more than one hundred years where James Joyce also worked. It defines itself as an “Eating House”,where you can grab a ”serious” coffee  or to sit with seven courses of anchovies. A bright place with a roof terrace and a fantastic view of the city landscape. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl here you can have tasty breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.


Thu 12.05 - COS


Basic, simple, geometric clothes. Both for women and men. Perfect for the hipster souls looking for something original and not redundant. It’s a brand born in 2007 under the H&M Group that since then expanded all over the world. It’s a bit expensive, but if you approach it during the sales season it’s affordable, plus you’ll definitely end up buying something almost unique.


Fri 13.05 - Fade Street Social

Face Street Social Dublin

This week I am a very good girl, because I did not even mention an Italian place, in fact The Fade Social is an awarded winning Irish Restaurant where apparently Beyonce and her beloved Jay-Z had a dinner with pumpkin flatbread and a juicy steak. The philosophy of the Chef Dylan McGrath is pretty clear: fresh ingredients to support the very best of homegrown produce. Every dish is assembled in a very simple way to enhance the freshness of the food.


Sat  14.05 - Little Museum of Dublin

Little Museum Dublin

Number one Museum in Ireland on Tripadvisor, considered as the Dublin’s best Museum Experience by the Irish Time… a long list of very good introductions for this small Museum located in the heart of Dublin. The entire collection gathered inside of the Museum has been made by public donations and maybe for this reason the atmosphere that you breath inside is so authentic. A tour in the history of Dublin from the visit of the Queen Victoria until the U2. Better to buy the tickets in advance here.


Sun 15.05 -  Herbstreet

herb street Dublin

Mandatory Sunday brunch location for all the brunch junkies. Here you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty, in fact in this lovely place they really care about the environment, they try to minimise their carbon footprint and to provide sustainable food and drink as much as possible. They serve wine from Europe to cut down transportation costs and they use LEDS to light the restaurant instead of using light bulbs. Pancakes, Full Irish Breakfast, French Toast, Belgian Waffles everything tastes better here. Ah, by the way, enjoy the view on the Grand Canal Dock.