Bilingual Brains

Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Bilingual Brains is the ‘brainchild’ of Anne-Marie.

“The knowledge of two languages is greater than the sum of their parts” - Ellen Bialystok

Learning a new language has many many advantages, like being able to do business on the international market, having exciting travel opportunities, making new friends and learning about world culture.

BUT it is also interesting to think about the ways that learning a new language changes the way that you think and the ways that your brain processes information. Studies have shown that bilingual brains are stronger because managing two languages in one brain provides mental exercise that trains the executive control system and keeps the brain healthy.

At Everest we collect data to learn more about the ways that learning a new language changes the brain. We are interested in studying all of the different ways that language learning happens so we will ask you lots of questions about your language history and your learning environment in and outside of our school.

These questions will help us to build up models of types of language learners and to understand which factors best predict successful language learning outcomes. The data we collect will help us to shape our curriculum, methods, advice and even our social programme to make sure that you are in the best possible environment to acquire a new language.

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