English grammar: uses of “Like”

What is learning English grammar like? Do you like it? Would you like to learn more? Follow the Everest Blog for amazing infographics, like this one! Do you feel like trying it? If you like the post about the uses of like, click like on Facebook. We would like that 🙂

Uses of Like

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Not Like Other English Schools in Dublin

How Everest Language School Bucks the Trend


buck the trend

– to be obviously different from the way that a situation is developing generally, especially in connection with financial matters:
This company is the only one to have bucked the trend of a declining industry.

“Everest Language School promises a new approach to language learning, incorporating psychological research”

We are very happy to share with you that Ireland’s leading business newspaper The Sunday Business Post did a feature on Everest Language School. This hasn’t been a good year for English Schools in Dublin. There were

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IELTS Writing: Task 1 Pie Chart Question

Task 1 Pie Chart Sample Answer by Bianca and Laura (students of IELTS Dublin) You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.The pie charts show the electricity generated in Germany and France from all sources and renewables in the year 2009. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons [...]
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Ielts in Dublin

IELTS in Dublin with Everest Language School

Prepare for the IELTS in Dublin In Everest our teachers have years of experience preparing students for the IELTS exam. We offer very small classes, where the teachers are focused on getting you the highest marks possible in the exam. In class your teacher will help you to perfect your grammar and expand your vocabulary, [...]
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English School Dublin - Course

5 Reasons to do an Internship in Dublin!

5 Reasons to do an
Internship in Dublin



The research of our Director of Studies looks at how numerous factors impact on how we learn a second language. While we love having you in Everest Language School, we understand that practising your English in a work environment is an essential step in improving your fluency and developing a specialised vocabulary related to you professional field.




An internship gives you a chance to practise both your English and you professional skills. There is a big difference between learning

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Spanish course in Dublin

Spanish Classes Starting April 14th


Learn Spanish in Dublin City Centre

Learn Spanish in Dublin with Everest Language School. If you studied a foreign language in an Irish school you probably know how to conjugate a few verbs but can’t hold a basic conversation. At Everest we put communication at the centre of every aspect of every lesson. All classes from elementary to advanced are taught through the target language, and will have speaking Spanish from the very first lesson. If you want to learn Spanish please fill out our booking inquiry form. Class

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Research at Everest Language School

Research at Everest Language School


Research at Everest Language School

We were so inspired by our visit from Dr Thomas Bak yesterday that we want to tell you more about the research that we are doing at Everest


Learning a new language benefits your brain!


At Everest we study the psychology and neuroscience of language acquisition. As you become bilingual your brain learns to balance your two language systems. This is like exercise for your brain and it makes it stronger.


We want to collect data from as many students as possible to help us build up models of

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Learning English in Dublin

Free English Classes in Everest

Free English Classes in Everest

To celebrate the opening of EVEREST LANGUAGE SCHOOL we are offering you one or two weeks of FREE English classes. March 23-27 and March 30- April 4 2015

These course will run from 11am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday.

To join these classes join this Facebook Event.

The only fee is €30 registration fee. If after these classes you decide to continue studying with us, you will never have to pay this fee again.

Make sure you join this event or send us an email to info@everestlanguageschool.com so we

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Learning English Challenges

5 Challenges Only Learners of English will Understand

Why is learning English difficult?
1. Pronunciation:

English is not a phonetic language.

So ‘red’ and ‘read’ are pronounced exactly the same in this sentence:
“She read the red book yesterday”

But ‘reed’ and ‘read’ are also pronounced the same, as in this sentence:
She sat among the reeds to read her book.

But ‘read’ in the first sentence is not pronounced the same as ‘read’ in the second sentence!

2. Spelling:

As a result of this, English spelling is extremely difficult (even for native speakers).

All the vowel sounds here sound the same but are spelt differently
keep seat he

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IELTS Task-1 Process

Prepare for IELTS Task 1 (Process)

IELTS Task 1: Describing a Process / Flow Chart IELTS task 1 is a more technical piece of writing than task 2. You will be allowed 1 hour to complete the two tasks in the IELTS Academic Writing test. The total time allowed for the IELTS Academic Writing test is 60 minutes. Time yourself and [...]
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