Job interview English podcast

Job Interviews & Uses of Should – Business English Podcast – Ep2

Learn English With Everest Ep 6:
Job Interviews & Uses of Should 


Do your homework


Research the company and know something about the job you are going to job interviews for.

What does the company do? Who are their competitors? Where would your role fit?

This applies to a dress code too – don’t come to an interview for a bank in jeans and a t-shirt but don’t go to a restaurant job interview in a suit

People often say you should dress one level up



Know your CV


Make sure you can talk about

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CV in English – Business English Podcast – Episode 1

Your CV in English

Everest Podcast Ep 5 (Business Mini-Series Part I)
Making the Perfect CV in English

Business English part 1
10 tips: How to make the perfect CV in English



Don’t waffle


Your CV in English should be no more than 2 pages

Keep it punchy, succinct, to the point

Think about how many CVs an average employer might have in their pile of applications

For example, if you are applying for a job as a hotel receptionist, instead of writing:

“I met new guests when they arrived at the hotel and I checked them into their room”


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Swimming Vocabulary

Gerunds and Infinitives, and Swimming Vocabulary – Podcast episode 4

Gerunds and Infinitives, and Swimming Vocabulary

Swimming Vocabulary

To get on board – Is everyone on board with this idea?

Definition: In agreement with; ready or willing to participate.

A jellyfish

To sting (sting-stung-stung)

A nettle (a type of stinging plant)

A reef (e.g. a coral reef)

Gerund or Infinitive?
Gerund (-ing):

I enjoy swimming
Do you feel like going out later?
I finished working at 6pm


I want to go
I hope to see her next year
I decided to go for a swim

Gerund OR infinitive with no difference

I prefer swimming / to swim
I like to swim at the weekend / I like swimming at the weekend

Gerund OR infinitive with

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Music gradable and ungradable adjectives

Gradable and ungradable adjectives and music vocabulary – Podcast Episode 3

Gradable and ungradable adjectives
Episode 3: Adjectives and music vocabulary

This week on Learn English with Everest I chatted to Rob about Irish music, going to live gigs, music festivals and lots more. So, in this episode you’ll learn lots of vocabulary to talk about music. The grammar point is connected with adjectives, specifically gradable and ungradable adjectives. Why do we say “very big”, but not “very huge”? “Absolutely amazing”, but not “very amazing”. Have a listen and find out!


There were lots of musicians mentioned this week:

Rob went to an Anderson Paak

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For During Since - podcast episode 2

Easter, Art and Time Words: For During Since – Podcast Episode 2

Learn English With Everest #2: Easter, Art, Time Words: For During Since This episode focuses on the grammar of time words: For During Since. It features an interview with our teacher Derek Smith. There is lots of vocabulary about art, Easter and life in Dublin. Listen and enjoy and please remember to like, share and [...]
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Podcast Learn English with Everest

Uses of ‘Get’ in English – Podcast Episode 1

Everest Language School has a new podcast to help you to learn English!  Episode 1 - Uses of 'Get'  In Episode 1, Conor talks about the weather. Here is some vocabulary that he uses:  Mist Fog Gloomy Grey Overcast Drizzle Bucketing down Pissing rain Lashing rain Conor uses a lot of phrases with 'get'. Here [...]
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Podcast Learn English with Everest

Ireland’s first podcast for English language learners

Ireland’s first podcast for English language learners

This April, Everest Language School launches Ireland’s first ESL podcast.

Learn English with Everest Podcast

Everest Language School is a Dublin based language school that is owned and run by two English language teachers, Rob McComish and Dr. Anne-Marie Connolly. While Everest is one of Dublin’s newest language schools, it is home to some of the cities most experienced teachers. One of Everest’s most senior teachers is now about to become the face, or voice, of Everest. Dr. Conor Reid is to host and

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Podcasts for Learning English in 2019 – Everest Language School

Podcasts for learning English

by Sean Newman

Podcasts for Learning English
Why you should learn English with podcasts:

All podcasts, but especially podcasts for learning English , are a convenient and great way to help you improve your English. They are on-demand internet radio talks that you can download to your mobile phone or tablet. It is said that just 20 minutes per day of a listening to an English speaking podcast can have a positive impact on your learning English! You can listen to them lying in bed, on the train back home or

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IELTS Blogs and websites

IELTS Blogs – Top 10 – Updated 2019

Top 10 free IELTS blogs   As I know, most of you are preparing for your IELTS test and not only with us in Everest (IELTS Dublin), also by yourselves. I've tried to find the top 10 free preparation blogs for you. There are quite a few, but my favourite ones are listed below. This is [...]
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IELTS Dublin - IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Writing Correction Service

IELTS Writing Correction Service IELTS Writing Evaluation Service IELTS writing tutorials and essay correction from expert IELTS teachers How does the IELTS writing correction service work? IELTS writing correction service : Choose any IELTS writing task from your books or online. Send us a typed writing along with the question and we will correct it. Your [...]
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