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After initial consultation we will create a learning program for your team. Our aim will be to increase their functional level of English in as short a time as is possible. The syllabus will be written up and will be overseen by Everest Director of Studies Dr.Anne-Marie Connolly. Teaching staff will be from Everest Language School. All Everest teachers are qualified by Cambridge University (CELTA) and have years of experience in business English tuition, general English training and exam preparation.

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We look forward to talking to you about creating the perfect course for your organisation. Contact us today and we can give you an overview of the services we offer. One of our directors will then contact you in order to better understand your needs. Once we have this we will put together a provisional syllabus designed to meet your needs.

Bespoke design of Corporate English Courses

While we have worked with a variety of organisations and have worked with thousands of language learners, we understand that every group and every learner's requirements are different. We will focus on fundamentals of communicative English (pronunciation, fluency, writing, grammar, etc.) but the main focus of the classes will be based on the input from your initial consultation.

Language Level Assessment

We offer online testing to all corporate clients in order to establish an accurate understanding of the level of English of each of the participants. The test used has been designed in alignment with the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students levels will be plotted on the CEFR scale (A1-C2).

Online English Courses for your business

In addition to in-house training, we can enhance, accelerate and extend the language learning of you team by offering online training. This would be available to each participant to access on their computer or phone both in work and on the go. This online content will include video content, quizzes and tests.

"As a Professional in Education I can certify with my own experience, the high level of quality in this School. Not only because teachers are really well prepared and they have high professional standards , but also managers and support student services are one of the best practices in managing schools that I have ever known. Without any doubt I can recommend Everest Language School to anyone that really wants to improve, with quality, their English skills" - Ana Elena Schalk Quintanar PhD

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    Recent Corporate Clients

    Some companies who have taken corporate English courses with Everest

    Sample 12 week syllabus which can be adapted to the unique needs of your organisation

    Grammar Area Language Focus Vocabulary topic Skill
    Week 1 Interrogative form Polite introductions Exploratory: Focus on identifying current difficulties and requirements Formal and informal introductions in work and business contexts
    Week 2 Gerunds and infinitives Expressing agreement and disagreement Phrasal verbs and idioms for expressing opinion Language for conducting a meeting
    Week 3 Comparatives and superlatives Company and business types, departments and roles. Office vocabulary and language for comparing options Explaining office and company organisation. Comparing company structures
    Week 4 Past and Present simple and progressive Describing office tasks Job titles, roles and responsibilities. Describing technical aspects of role Outlining task and responsibilities to new and current employees. Comprehending roles and tasks
    Week 5 Modal verbs Telephone English Common phrases for polite phone conversations. Pronunciation and advanced comprehension
    Week 6 Direct and indirect questions Email, message and letter format and language Register: Recognising and utilising appropriate register Written communication with clients and co-workers
    Week 7 Conditional forms Use of conditionals to find resolutions and address clients politely Descriptive language: Focused on describing services offered by company and potential complaints Dealing with customer or client complaints. responding to criticism
    Week 8 Future simple and continuous & present continuous Making arrangement, organising meetings and planning Vocabulary for making reservations, suggestions and long and short-term plans Making bookings and planning with co-workers
    Week 9 Past simple and continuous Describing past experiences to highlight skills and abilities Describing the intricacies of your role. Taking part in appraisal or job interview
    Week 10 Passive and active forms Describing charts and graphs Analysing changes, fluctuations and differences in charts Presentation skills
    Week 11 Reported speech Reporting feedback, recognising the position of others in a negotiation Reporting verbs and sentence structures Meeting and negotiations
    Week 12 Review Review Review Test