About Everest Language School

If you want to learn English in Dublin, Everest Language School is the place for you. Located in the heart of Dublin city centre, Everest language school offers the best teaching combined with the most fun and interesting social events.

Everest Language School is Dublin’s first school to base all academic decisions on linguistic research done within the school. We work with departments in Trinity College Dublin to create a unique learning path for each student. The School has been set up by langauge teachers with the goal of providing students with an unforgettable experience in Dublin and to help them achieve their language objectives.

Rob McComish
School Director

Rob’s love for language learning began on  a trip to French speaking Burkina Faso. Since then he has been learning Spanish, French and Polish. In fact he loves learning languages so much that he is currently learning HTML, CSS and PHP.

His career teaching English began with working in UCD during his master’s in ethnomusicology and after gaining a University of Cambridge English teaching qualification he has been teaching English non-stop, preparing students from FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS. He has recently developed academic programmes, created online learning environments and taught in Dublin's most established schools.

He loves Dublin because you can cycle everywhere in 20 minutes. While he claims to be a vegetarian, he has been seen eating fish on numerous occasions.

Dr. Anne-Marie Connolly
Director of Studies/Research

Anne-Marie has been studying languages, culture, psychology and the effects of language learning on the human brain for the last 10 years. Over the last few years she has been busy finishing her PhD(Doctorate) which focuses on the cognitive benefits of bilingualism and adult language learning.
Anne-Marie wants to help you find the most efficient way to learn English, she is also interested in understanding what is happening inside your head as you learn. She has used electroencephalography (EEG) to study electrical activity in the brains of bilinguals, multilinguals and language learners from all over the world while teaching them English at the same time! She does  yoga in her spare time to help her to relax after studying!

The Everest Language School Family