Dublin Bus Strike Suspended

Dublin Bus Strike

Dublin Bus Strike Suspended


Have you heard about the bus strikes in Dublin or were you maybe a “victim” of it? If not, let me explain the background of the strike. The trade unions SIPTU (Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union) and NBRU (National Bus & Rail Union) want to help the bus drivers to get better working rights and payments. The bus drivers were striking on many days to “force” Dublin Bus to accept their proposal.


Strikes are always uncomfortable and annoying for everybody who relies on the bus to get to work or school or just somewhere else. If you were lucky and you were living near the Dart or Luas you could still take them, but if you were relying on the buses and didn’t have the possibility to take the Dart or Luas you had to take a taxi (which would have been expensive), your car (if you are have one) or walk to the place where you wanted to be (which could have taken a lot of time).


This method to force Dublin Bus to take action caused them to lose a lot of money. That could be the reason why they were ready to talk about the bus drivers payments.


There were only six days of strike in September. Yes, I know six days are more than enough, but compared to the plan for October it’s nothing. They planned to strike in October for eleven days.

The following days would have been the striking days in October:

  • Saturday 1st,
  • Wednesday 5th,
  • Friday 7th,
  • Monday 10th,
  • Wednesday 12th,
  • Friday 14th,
  • Tuesday 18th,
  • Wednesday 19th,
  • Monday 24th,
  • Wednesday 26th,
  • Saturday 29th


After this weekend and the called off strikes I am looking forward to a less stressful month for bus users. I can only hope that there will not be anything else inconvenient for everyone especially for workers, students and tourists .


Enjoy Dublin! Enjoy a hopefully stress free ride! Congratulations to the drivers!



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