Dublin Weather Preparation

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Dublin Weather Preparation


As a newcomer in Dublin you should be prepared for a really changeable weather. It’s possible that there are all four seasons in one day. To ease your confusions about the Dublin weather I would like to give you some tips and tricks, which should help you decide how to prepare for your day.
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Before leaving the house you can of course pay attention to the weather forecast. It’s not 100% sure that the weather will be like the forecast told you because the weather can surprise you in the last minute, but it’s a good hint for your preparations. Also watch out of the window to get a feeling of how to dress for the day.

You should wear clothes you could wear with every weather. So no sandals when there is the possibility of rain and you might not like the feeling of wet feet. And there is probably no sense in styling your hair in the morning. The wind will destroy everything with only one blow. To prevent an illness don’t leave the house with wet hair, that makes you very attractive for bacterias.

The average temperature in Dublin in September is about 14°C while it’s in October only 11°C. There is also more rain in October. There are “only” 21 days of rain in September, but there are 24 days in October. But hey, they say you can get 3-4 hours of sun daily.


Tips and Tricks


One thing you will probably need in Dublin is a big bag. Wondering in the first few days why everybody is carrying a big bag, I finally got the answer: the weather. To be prepared for every kind of weather you have to carry some stuff with you. In your bag there should be a scarf, an umbrella, your sunglasses and the major thing which will steal all the space in your bag will be your rain jacket. You might wonder: Why do I need to take an umbrella and a rain jacket with me? Well, of course it’s up to you what you think you might need, but I can say both are pretty useful.

While it’s raining but still warm you can take out your umbrella and don’t have to take your rain jacket. It’s just easier and faster to do. It becomes complicated if there is a lot of wind while it’s raining. Then you should probably close your umbrella and change your brolly with the jacket. The wind makes the rain uncontrollable which could brake the umbrella and that will make you wet without your jacket.


I hope these tips are helping you with some weather complications. There are probably more tips to trick on the weather, but for the beginning it’s a good start to know just these few ones.


Enjoy your stay! Enjoy the weather!



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