Free English Classes in Dublin For Refugees

Free Classes in Dublin For Refugees


Arriving to a new country is never easy and there are always numerous challenges to overcome. This is particularly true for recently arrived refugees and for this reason we hope to be able to lend a helping hand. One way we hope we can help is by providing free English courses for refugees in Dublin city centre.


Whether you are from Ukraine, Syria, Palestine or anywhere else, if you are a refugee in Dublin you can attend these short English language classes free of charge.


As we only have limited space and time, these will be provided on a first come first served basis. So if you know someone who would benefit from free English language lessons, please help them to register here.


Anyone wishing to participate should also complete this online English level test.


We look forward to welcoming you to Everest Language School.


The first intake will be on June 22nd. These will be 4 week introductory English courses which will give you an introduction to the language, Irish culture, and will hopefully give you an opportunity to make some new friends in Ireland.


Sample Timetable

Free English classes, 4 week course


Week 1

Theme: Personal information & introductions

Grammar focus: Present & Past simple & continuous


Week 2

Theme: Job interviews & work

Grammar focus: Can (for ability), Present Perfect (for life experience), Question forms.


Week 3

Theme : Shopping

Grammar focus: Too, too much, too many, not enough


Week 4

Theme: Travel and Transport

Grammar focus:  Future tenses (Will, going to and present simple)

Check your English level here

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If you need any support in Ireland these are some good places to contact:



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