IELTS Discuss both views… (Writing task 2)

IELTS task 2 Discuss both sides
IELTS Writing task 2

An IELTS discuss both sides and give your opinion type question can be answered in this way. Above we have divided the writing into 4 paragraphs. There are many ways to organise this essay, but we find this format the simplest and most effective. Remember this template only applies to a “Discuss both sides” question. In the IELTS  you can be asked a number of different types of questions in writing task 2. We want to use this blog to help you learn English, please tell us in the comments what type of question you would like us to cover next. And remember if you want to learn English in Dublin, we offer IELTS Dublin preparation courses.

Please tell us what you think in the comments below.
In the comments try to answer this question using the key phrases from the guide above:

Nowadays animal experiments are widely used to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. Many people argue that these should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are in favour of them as they bring more benefits to humanity.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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