First Everest Party


What’s happening? Everest Language Projects Conversation Circles!

Who are Everest Language Projects?  A group of English Language teachers who have started a project to organise social events for English Language learners around Dublin. They have developed fun activities, similar to the games you play in class, that will help you to improve your fluency in a fun social environment. And once the activities are finished, we will all stay, listen to some music, have a chat and a drink and dance the night away!

How will the event be organised?

It starts at 8pm. From 8-9 there will be a drinks promotion for anyone whose name is on the event guest list. We will also have a live drumming performance.

At 9pm the games begin! For this event we will be holding a conversation circle. This activity focuses on improving your fluency when speaking English. It is designed so that students at all levels from elementary to advanced can participate and practise their spoken English in a supportive fun game. And there will be teachers there ready to help you or correct you if you need it. The activity is also designed so that you have the opportunity to make some new friends. You will be chatting to a lot of new people from lots of different countries from all over the world and you will find that you have a lot in common with them.

At 10pm the teachers will give some general feedback about what they observed during the activity and after that we will play some music, have some more drinks, dance and chat. By the end of the night you will be looking forward to meeting all of your new friends again at the next Everest Language Projects event 🙂

Where will the event happen?

The Grand Social