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Host International Students in Dublin

Host international students in Dublin

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    Would you like to become a host family?

    To make the most of their experience, most students who travel to Ireland to improve their English choose to stay with a host family.  All kinds of families are welcome to work with Everest, as long as you are genuinely interested in having guests from around the world.

    We will help you with getting set up as a host family and a member of our accommodation team will come out to visit your house before you start hosting any students.

    What we normally look for from a host:

    • A single rooms with a study desk (we only offer twin or double rooms for 2 people booking together)
    • To provide basic laundry facilities and to change bed linen regularly
    • To give students with a key so that they can let themselves in and out
    • To make a daily bath or shower available
    • To provide an adequate breakfast each day
    • To provide a substantial dinner each night and a light lunch at weekends for students who have booked the half-board option
    • To eat with the students and talk to them as much as possible

    Arrival and Departure Days

    We encourage students to check in and check out at the weekend. Occasionally students need to stay a few extra nights, if this is the case you will be paid for these nights pro rata.

    Arriving to your home

    We encourage students to take a taxi when they arrive to make it easier to get to your house. We will ask them to contact you with their approximate arrival time. We will also provide you with their flight arrival times so you can have an estimate of when they will arrive to your house.


    Students should be provided with healthy and fresh meals. They should eat dinner with the rest of the family. Students should be given limited access to the kitchen, but should not cook their own meals

    If the student has a dietary requirement, we will inform the family and pay a supplement.

    Bed Linen, Laundry and Towels

    Students are encouraged to bring their own towels, apart from that, host families are expected to provide clean bed linen.  The student's laundry should be done along with that of the other members of the family and there should be no additional charge.



    On the 25th of each month, you will be paid for all nights that you have hosted student up to that date. Payments will be made by bank transfer. Please note that you can earn up to €14,000 from renting a spare room to language students without paying tax.