Book your IELTS exam in Dublin

Book your IELTS test in 4 Easy steps

Reserve your IELTS Test in Dublin

Step 1: Do an IELTS preparation course.

Even native English speakers find the exam difficult, taking an IELTS preparation course is essential to getting a good score in the exam. In Everest, we have IELTS preparation courses in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Step 2: Find a Test date.

Find an available IELTS test date in Dublin. Fill out the online registration form for the exam. (Note: You will need a scan of a valid passport or national ID from a European Union country. You will need this for the registration and on the day of your exam.)

Step 3: Pay for your IELTS Test

You can normally pay for your exam on line, or in person at the test centre when you make the booking. If you are studying in Everest on a study visa, your IELTS fee will likely be included in your course booking. So please speak to us at reception and we can arrange to make the payment on your behalf.

Step 4: Get IELTS Test Details

After this you will receive a confirmation email. This can take up to one week to process your application. Approximately one week before the test date, they will send a second email with the test times and other information. This will all be sent by email.

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We will send you our brochure, prices and accommodation options, so that you can start planning your trip to learn English in Dublin with Everest!