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Step 1: Do an IELTS preparation course.

Even native English speakers find the exam difficult, taking an IELTS preparation course is essential to getting a good score in the exam. We have IELTS preparation courses in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Step 2: Find a Test date.

Find an available IELTS test date in UCD or CES. Fill out the online registration form for the exam. (Note: You will need a scan of a valid passport or national ID from a European Union country. You will need this for the registration and on the day of your exam.)

Step 3: Pay for your IELTS Test

You can make the payment at the end of your application using a visa debit/credit card with UCD. With CES, you will have to transfer the test fee to their bank account. Alternatively you can send a cheque or postal order (from Irish banks or institutions only) made payable to Centre of English Studies.

Step 4: Get IELTS Test Details

After this you will receive a confirmation email. This can take up to one week to process your application. Approximately one week before the test date, they will send a second email with the test times and other information. This will all be sent by email.

Which IELTS test centre in Dublin?

UCD IELTS Test Centre


Cheaper: €200

Online Payment


Far from City Centre

Limited test dates

CES IELTS Test Centre


City Centre Location

More Dates Available


More Expensive: €205

No Online Payment option

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