Internships in Dublin

Internship in Dublin

The Everest Internship Programme will help you to rapidly improve your English and gain work experience in your area of interest. A combined course of English lessons and an internship in Dublin is the fastest way for you to gain the English skills for a career in Ireland or abroad. Students who wish to take advantage of our internship programme should have a B1 level of English. If a student arrives with a A2 level, it may be possible that at the end of their four weeks they will be ready for the internship programme.

internship in Dublin

What are the benefits of doing

an internship in Ireland?


  1. Improve your English!

The research of our Director of Studies looks at how numerous factors impact on how we learn a second language. While we love having you in Everest Language School, we understand that practising your English in a work environment is an essential step in improving your fluency and developing a specialised vocabulary related to you professional field.


  1. Practise what you have learned


An internship gives you a chance to practise both your English and you professional skills. There is a big difference between learning English from a book and trying to use your English in a busy work environment. Our programme will prepare you for the world of working through English.


  1. Develop your CV


Employers are far more likely to offer you a job if they can see that you have completed an internship programme. Doing an internship shows employers that you are capable of working in an English speaking environment.


  1. Develop your professional network


It can be difficult arriving in a new country and looking for a job with no contacts. Doing an internship in Ireland will help you to create a network of professionals in your area of interest. This network can then help you find work in Ireland once you have completed the internship.


  1. You might meet your future employer


Many students who come to Ireland to do an internship are eventually hired in that company. This might be directly after the internship or in the future. Doing an internship in an English speaking company will also give you a great reference to put on your CV.