Ireland’s first podcast for English language learners

Ireland’s first podcast for English language learners

Podcast Learn English with Everest

This April, Everest Language School launches Ireland’s first ESL podcast.

Learn English with Everest Podcast

Everest Language School is a Dublin based language school that is owned and run by two English language teachers, Rob McComish and Dr. Anne-Marie Connolly. While Everest is one of Dublin’s newest language schools, it is home to some of the cities most experienced teachers. One of Everest’s most senior teachers is now about to become the face, or voice, of Everest. Dr. Conor Reid is to host and produce a new podcast titled “Learn English with Everest”.


Conor Reid is a writer, researcher, teacher, and podcaster based in Dublin, Ireland. As well as being an incredible English teacher he also has an academic background is in English literature – He did a Masters in Popular Literature and then a PhD in Trinity College Dublin and has recently published his first book.


Now to combine his love for podcasting and teaching English, he has created Learn English with Everest: An English Language Podcast from Everest Language School. The podcast will combine English language lessons with real-world interviews in order to create engaging podcasts for English language learners.


In each podcast, Conor will interview students, teachers and language experts on a variety of topics. He will then use these real conversations and dissect the English used.


“Language learning happens everywhere: in the classroom, on the street, at home, in the supermarket. What makes podcasts really interesting is that they allow increased autonomy for the learner. It means that lessons can fit around the students’ other commitments. I love the idea that students could be listening to a great English language class with Conor on their way to work. And the best thing for the students is that the podcast is free!” – Dr.Anne-Marie Connolly (Director of Studies)


“We are really excited to be launching a podcast for English language learners. There is a real lack of Irish voices in English language learning materials. We believe it is of great benefit to students to hear a variety of accents and to hear real English. As the number of English language students increases, there should be a parallel increase in the amount and quality of language resources produced in Ireland.” – Rob McComish (School Director)

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