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Learn English idioms for Valentine's Day

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Learn English Idioms: Valentine's


We want to wish all of our followers a very happy Valentine's day and want to teach you some idioms for Valentine's day. For any of you who want to learn English idioms about love and the heart we have created the poster above just for you. Please feel free to share the poster with you friends and help "spread the love". Have a great Valentine's day and we hope that using some of these idioms will help you find love in Dublin.
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Positive idioms about love for Valentine's day:

To be head over heels in love

To be mad about someone

To have the hots for someone

To have a crush on someone

Negative idioms about love for Valentine's day:

To break someone's heart

To be heart-broken

To be going through a rough patch

To be on the rocks

Valentine's Day Idioms phrasal verbs and pick up lines

Phrasal verbs for Valentine's Day:

To go out with someone

To ask someone out

To chat someone up

To break up

To get back together

To get over someone

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Do you know any more English idioms about love or the heart?

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