More Than Words

Support Education Projects for Syrian Refugees

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the Everest teachers are learning Arabic to help Education projects for Syrians

To help those affected by the violence in Syria the teachers at Everest Language School have challenged language teachers around Ireland to learn as much Arabic as they can and to raise funds for humanitarian aid projects in Syria at the same time!

Working with Human Appeal, the participating schools will raise funds to help those affected by the five years of violence in Syria. By sponsoring this project, you will be helping Human Appeal develop educational project benefiting the Syrian community.

Human Appeal and Everest Language School are asking for your support. By sponsoring the participants in this project you can directly help those who are suffering the effects of the conflict.

You can help right now

Like most people, we wanted to help with the crisis in Syria and to help those worst affected by the conflict. We were thinking of running marathons, packing bags or going out onto the street to raise money, but then decided we should do something a little different. "More than Words" is a language learning marathon. 5 teachers from Everest Language School are challenging themselves to learn as much Arabic as possible between now and July. We are asking you to sponsor our effort, all the money we raise will support the educational projects of Human Appeal in Syria.

Watch us learn Arabic

We will be adding weekly updates to our blog telling you about the progress we are making. We will let you know how the fundraising is going and maybe even include some videos to showcase our progress in Arabic.
In Everest the teachers are taking the role of their students and taking a seat in class to learn a new language. We chose to learn Arabic because it was a language that none of us knew and felt is was a way to introduce ourselves to a new culture. Read more about our language learning adventures on our blog.