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Humans of Everest

Our resident blogger Bianca interviewed Alma about her experience of learning English in Everest and living in Dublin. Both Alma and Bianca are enrolled in our evening English course

English Student - Alma2

Alma is a 19 years old Spanish girl, she studied art and when she will be back in Spain, she is going to start attending a drama school. She loves Dublin architecture and the fact that the houses are not very high, so the sun in the street is even more intense. She loves the Georgian style of the buildings and she thinks that they are very well conserved. She loves to walk from Baggot Street to Fitzwilliam Square and around Merrion Square, because every time that she observes the houses she notices some new detail. She likes the fact that Dublin is not a big city and that she can reach everything easily and of course she appreciates the general festive atmosphere and the music culture.

Bianca : Hello Alma! Are you ready? Let’s start with the questions! Why are you in Dublin?

Alma : I am here to improve my English and because I wanted to have a gap year between the High School and the University.

B: First impression of Dublin?

A: It reminded me a little bit of London: too much rain and grey. But I also remember the breathtaking landscape that I saw for the first time from the airplane.

B: Most recent impression?

A: Beautiful city during the sunny days, even if I prefer the rainy ones.

B: Where did you go when you first arrived to Dublin?

A: Trinity College.

B: Most funny experience?

A: It was my second week in Dublin and a friend of mine invited me to go to a pub with her. When we went out from the pub we had no idea how to go back home. It took us literally more than 2 hours to find the right way and, of course, it had been raining cats and dog all the time. I blame the Irish beer.

B: What would you like to say to a person that is about to come to Dublin?

A: Bring your best hooded coat! You’re going to love every single spot of this island and you are going to feel like at home.

B: What’s your favourite Irish expression?

A: Where’s the craic tonight?

B: Grafton Street or Henry Street?

A: Grafton Street.

B: Rugby or Gaelic Football?

A: Rugby.

English Student - Alma

B: Hozier or Bono?

A: Hozier

B: Dicey’s or Liquor Room?

A: Liquor Room, absolutely!

B: Sheppard Pie or Guinness Stew?

A: Guinness Stew.

B: Irish Breakfast or Spanish Breakfast?

A: Spanish Breakfast.

B: Singing Pub or Nightclub?

A: Singing Pub.

B: Dublin or Cork?

A: Dublin.

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