Prepare for IELTS (Advice from the experts)

Prepare for IELTS

Ielts in Dublin

Do you want to prepare for IELTS in Dublin?

In Everest we offer IELTS preparation courses in Dublin and last week the head of our IELTS department offered some advice to the readers of the Free IELTS Course blog.

The post features four contributor:

Paul Dixon, IELTS Manager at New Zealand Language Centres

Guy Brook-Hart, Co-author of the Complete IELTS series published by Cambridge English

Louis Rodgers, Co-author of Foundation IELTS Masterclass published by Oxford University Press

Rob McComish, Head of the IELTS Department at Everest Language School, Dublin

The topics covered are:

The secret to success in your IELTS Writing test is… reading

“…if you need to improve your writing band score, start reading regularly in English. A good place to start is the NZLC IELTS Flipboard magazines, which we update with new articles…”

Developing the thinking skills needed for IELTS

“…The IELTS Academic Module is not just a test of your grammar and vocabulary. It’s a test of your thinking skills as well…”

Preparing for the IELTS Speaking test

“…It’s important to learn how you are graded in the IELTS Speaking test. You are marked in four main areas…”

How to prepare for IELTS the day before your test

“…Stop studying! On the day before your exam, don’t try to learn anything new. Calmly take the time to review what you already know…”

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