Other Languages

In our city centre school we offer a range of classes taught through the target language, and we will have you speaking Spanish, French or Italian from the very first lesson.

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Bilingual Brains

Bilingual Brains is the project of our Director of Studies Anne-Marie. She works with Trinity College Dublin to study the effects of learning a new language on the brain.

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Everest Language Projects

Learn English, Learn Spanish Italian French

Learn English in Dublin

Like climbing to the top of a mountain, learning a new language is challenging, it takes time and effort, and there are many different paths you can follow. Everest Language Projects is here to help you reach that summit. Like sherpas, we will go with you all the way to the top and make sure you enjoy the adventure. We are here to help whether you want to learn English or learn Spanish, Italian or French.

How can you take part in Everest Language Projects?

  • Check our blog for posts about language learning, self-study materials and activities. Everest places the learner at the centre of all decisions, so we invite you to send feedback or suggestions to us.
  • Come to our social events where you can not only practice your English but have fun while doing it. Check out some of our previous English learning events.
  • And last but not least! Together with Bilingual Brains, Everest Language Projects aims to create an international students network and develop better ways of learning a language; training you to not only speak that language but to be bilingual! Learn more about this here.