All bookings must be made using the course codes in the Everest Language School (Everest) offer documents (brochure / website). Everest will confirm acceptance of all bookings in writing (letter / fax / email / receipt). A booking cannot be considered to have been accepted by Everest unless it has been confirmed in writing.

Everest will provide all services for courses booked as listed in Everest offer documents (brochure / website) provided there are adequate students to fill the class. Once a booking has been sent to and confirmed by Everest the client agrees to be bound by the booking and cancellation conditions of Everest.


Any additional chargeable supplements will be specified at the time of booking. Any items not specifically included in the course as a standard item are subject to availability. Any items not specifically included in the course must be requested in writing and must be confirmed in writing by the Everest administration office before they will be deemed to be part of the course booking.


Booking Deposits

All fees must be paid in full by the client 14 days before the commencement of the course. Everest can not guarantee the booking unless full payment has been received before the start of the course/accommodation (whichever is first).



Payment in full in euro must reach our account 14 days prior to arrival. Services will only be provided once payment has been received. Payment may be made by:

  • Bank draft
  • Cash
  • Cheque (only cheques issued by an Irish bank are acceptable)
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer to:

Account name: Everest Language School

Address: 126 Capel Street, Dublin 1

NSC:                   931101

A/C Number:    49826021

BIC:            AIBKIE2D

IBAN:          IE36 AIBK 9311 0149 8260 21

All payments should be notified to Everest by fax or email quoting the Everest reference number of the client.

Varying additional fees will be added by banks and credit card providers. Please note all bank charges are the responsibility of the client. Everest will strive to make all such additions known to students before payment.



All prices are subject to change, terms of individual special offers and discounts can be found on "Book now" page of the Everest website. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are aware of the current price for the course being booked. Everest reserves the right to alter prices at any time of the year should unforeseen circumstances require it.

A once off registration fee is added to all course bookings and all accommodation bookings.


Cancellations & Refunds

Everest must be notified of cancellations in writing. If the cancellation notice is given two weeks before the start of the course/accommodation Everest will refund full fees minus administration costs (registration fee/admin fee)


For notification of cancellations 1 to 7 days before the start date of course/accommodation, Everest will refund 50% of the tuition.


There will be no refund once the course/accommodation has started. Credit notes will only be allowed at the discretion of the management of Everest.


Courses are not transferable.


Individual lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.


In a case where an individual makes a fraudulent application Everest will make no refund.


In case of visa refusal, the funds less €100 administration cost will be refunded to you within 20 working days. All visa refusals must be notified to the school in writing and you must provided a copy of the refusal letter signed by Irish Immigration Authorities.
If accommodation is cancelled Everest will retain the the booking fee of €30 and 10% of the total cost of the accommodation. If accommodation is cancelled in the 8 days before scheduled arrival the booking fee plus 50% of the cost of the accommodation will be held by Everest.



Please make sure you provide the exact arrival/departure dates when booking with us. Any change made after a booking is confirmed may cause changes in your accommodation type or even the cancellation of your accommodation.

All types of accommodation are subject to the rules set by the partner provider. Students must respect these rules at all time. Breaking of any of these rules will result in disciplinary measures being taken and may ultimately result in expulsion with no refund or a fine.

Enrolled Learner Protection Insurance

Everest Language School has approval to offer students learner protection insurance, Learner Protection insurance is only in place when each student receives their certificate.

All course of 12 weeks or more will be insured with learner protection insurance, Everest will take out this insurance on the student’s behalf.


Everest holds insurance as required by Irish law. Everest does not provide travel insurance for students. Before arrival all persons participating in Everest programmes should arrange their own insurance against all expenses that might arise due to accident, illness, loss of luggage, personal effects and money.


Students must notify Everest of any medical conditions that may influence their stay in Ireland. Everest will not accept responsibility for any illnesses resulting from a medical condition that has not been made known to Everest in advance. Everest reserves the right to send students home if, in the opinion of the Everest management, a medical condition makes continuing a course of study untenable. In this case a refund/credit note will be issued at the discretion of Everest management.


Students are liable for any damage caused by them in Everest or in provided accommodation and payment for such damage must be made immediately.


All students will be informed of Everest code of conduct and behaviour at the commencement of all courses. Breaches of Everest rules of conduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate expulsion for serious offences. If a student is expelled from Everest or accommodation provided by Everest there will be no refund or credit under any circumstances.

Bullying and Harassment

Everest will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment either in person or online against either fellow students or Everest staff. Bullying or harassment will result in disciplinary action and may result in expulsion.


Any disputes relating to services provided by Everest must be brought to the attention of the Everest management while the complainant is in Ireland. Everest will not entertain complaints about services provided where these complaints were not reported to Everest at the time. Where necessary, any legal disputes will be heard in the courts of the Republic of Ireland.

Complaint and grievance procedure

Student’s feedback is sought both at the start and the end of the course. If during their course a student would like to make a complaint they can ask to speak to the Operations Director for any complaint related to their booking (i.e: accommodation, payments, etc) or to the Director of Studies for any complaint related to their classes (i.e: level, teacher, resources…).

Everest is committed to resolve any complaint from a student and offer them the best possible solution. The following information about complaints will be recorded: complaint, date, member of the staff that dealt with it, solution.

Any disputes relating to services provided by Everest must be brought to the attention of the Everest management while the complainant is in Ireland. Everest will not entertain complaints about services provided where these complaints were not reported to Everest at the time. Where necessary, any legal disputes will be heard in the courts of the Republic of Ireland.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are not included in any course booking. Airport transfers may be booked as an additional item subject to the current fee. Transfers booked in this way are subject to availability.

For all transfers complete flight information must be sent to Everest at least 5 working days prior to the flight date. If we do not receive complete flight information (date / time / flight number / airline) Everest will not be able to provide the transfer service even if the fee has been paid. Where a transfer cannot be provided due to insufficient information there is no refund of the fee.

Terms and Conditions for Airport Transfers

  • “Shared transfer” – one or more people on the same flight and to/from the same destination in Dublin (or very close destinations at our discretion)
  • You agree to supply us with arrival information (flight date/time/number) at least 5 working days in advance
  • You agree to supply us with departure information (flight date/time/number) at least 5 working days in advance
  • Everest will provide you with a contact number for the driver providing the airport transfer service and with the everest emergency phone number.
  • Should any circumstances arise that are going to prevent you from meeting your transfer at the designated time you must contact either the driver or Everest emergency number immediately.
  • You agree to wait at the designated area in the arrivals hall of Dublin Airport.
  • You agree to deal only with us (not the host family or any other persons) when discussing transfer arrangements.
  • If a transfer is missed and these conditions are not adhered to there is no refund or credit
  • If a transfer is missed or there is a dispute you agree to the “Airport Transfer Dispute Process”

Airport Transfer Dispute Process

If a transfer is missed and it is the fault of the Everest we will refund the transfer fee in full you when you arrive at our offices. This presupposes that all of our conditions were followed.

If a transfer is missed or is disputed then we require the following documents to investigate the matter:

  • the flight boarding card
  • an original receipt (with the time) from the bus service or taxi that the client used to leave the airport

Photos and footage

We may use photos or footage taken of students at events or at school for promotional purposes.  If you do not wish us to do so, please inform an Everest member of management.


Everest will keep records of students’ personal information and their academic progress. Everest works with researchers in Trinity College Dublin. If a student does not want their information stored or used in research they should contact us.

Cookies and Privacy

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Tuition on Public Holidays

No tuition is given on public holidays

Public Holidays in Ireland

  • January 1st
  • March 17th
  • Easter Monday
  • First Monday in May
  • First Monday in June
  • First Monday in August
  • Last Monday in October
  • December 25th & 26th

Christmas Holiday

We close for one or two weeks over the Christmas break (depending on what day Christmas falls).



Holiday periods for non-EEA students must be outlined in advance and unscheduled breaks will only be allowed in documented cases of illness or close family bereavement.

Before enrollment, breaks can be scheduled for non-EEA students as long as the holiday periods does not exceed at any point 1/3 of the total weeks elapsed. No holidays will be frontloaded.

On enrollment, non-EEA students will be given a detailed timetable where the following will be clearly identify:

Course dates
Daily and weekly tuition times
Holiday breaks

This information will be included in the acceptance letter that the student will receive on confirmation of enrollment and that will be shown at the GNIB office during the student’s registration.

Attendance and absenteeism

All students are required to attend 100% of the course for which they have enrolled, with 85% being acceptable.


Persistent uncertified absence by non-EEA students will result in the student being removed from the register of the course. In this event, Everest will issue a letter to about this situation to both the student and the GNIB office.


If a student is absent due to illness they must inform the school by e-mailing the administration staff of the school on the first and each subsequent day of absence. A doctor's cert must be presented to the administration on the first day of return to class and a record of such must be made in the student file. Failure to produce a valid medical cert explaining absenteeism will result in the commencement of disciplinary procedures outlined below.


In the case of a non-EEA visa student when a student has 25% or more uncertified absence in the first six week of their programme Everest staff will contact both the student and GNIB office.

Policy on tardiness

All students are required to arrive on time for class and to remain in class until the end of that class. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late for class or who leave the class more than 15 minutes before the end of class will be marked absent for the entire duration of that class. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late for class will not be allowed to join the class until the break.

Policies and procedures in the case of student disciplinary action and expulsion.

Everest endeavours to resolve any conflict or issue that arises in a timely manner on a case by case basis, however in certain cases the school disciplinary procedure may come in to effect. Everest maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding aggressive behaviour and we require that all school rules as outlined in the student handbook are respected. In the event that the school rules are broken or that regulations regarding attendance are not upheld the procedure for disciplinary action must formally proceed according to the following steps

  • A first written warning will be issued to the student and signed by two of the three school directors. A case of attendance falling below 80% will result in such a written warning.
  • A final written warning will be issued to the student and signed by two of the three school directors. A case of attendance falling below 70% will result in such a written warning.
  • After the second warning, if a student's attendance continues to drop below 70% and they have received all warnings, their booking will be suspended for 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks they will be expected to come to the office to discuss their attendance. From then on they must attend all classes or be permanently removed from the class register. Expulsion is a very last resort and will be reported to INIS immediately.

Note - in extreme circumstances, where a student’s behaviour poses a threat to themselves, other students or members of staff, they may be suspended from school with immediate effect, subject to an investigation and expelled without the aforementioned steps being completed.

Everest Language School is a registered trade name of Everest Language School Ltd., registered in Dublin. Registration number No. 527429B.