Where to Throw Your Waste

Where to Throw Your Waste

Where to Throw Your Waste

This week’s mission was to find out how Irish people divide their waste. Yes, I know that can be a messy subject, but if you want to recycle the right way it’s important to know where to throw your waste.

In the beginning I was really confused about the recycling system here in Ireland. I couldn’t see the sense in mixing all the recyclable stuff together and then the non-recyclable, coming from a country where we divide into paper, plastic, bio and residual waste. Now I think I might understand it, therefore I can try to explain it to you.

Paper, cardboard, aluminium cans, steel cans and plastic containers are all recyclable in Ireland and go in one bin. In our school this is the white bag. The black bag is for the non-recycling waste like bananas, apples, tea bags or coffee capsules.

I always thought recycling is interesting and it’s even more interesting if you know what happens to your waste after you throw it away and that recycling helps your environment.

Watch this little clip if you want to find out more about that:

Recycle Paper

Did you know that 17 trees, 1,400 litres of oil, 2.2 cubic metres of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 26,000 litres of water could be saved with each tonne of recycling paper? And another important fact is that 27 kilograms of air pollutants could be filtered by one tree every year. I think these facts are already reasons to recycle.

Recycle Plastic

Another reason is the plastic production. If plastic is produced from raw materials it requires ⅔ more energy than recycled plastic would need. In addition, a lot of discarded plastic bags would probably stay buried in the ground before it would break down.

Don’t Recycle WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

The hazardous components you can find in the WEEE are dangerous and should not be thrown in normal household bins. Bring your WEEE to a recycling centre or return them to an electrical shop.

I hope you are well informed now and I wish you a nice day.

Enjoy the environment! Enjoy recycling!