Why are the Everest teachers learning Arabic?

Why are the Everest teachers learning Arabic?

More than words

To raise money for Syrian education projects

Like most people, we wanted to help with the crisis in Syria and to help those worst affected by the conflict. We were thinking of running marathons, packing bags or going out onto the street to raise money, but then decided we should do something a little different. “More than Words” is a language learning marathon. 5 teachers from Everest Language School are challenging themselves to learn as much Arabic as possible between now and July. We are asking you to sponsor our effort, all the money we raise will support the educational projects of Human Appeal in Syria.

We are learning Arabic every week and will be updating you here as we make progress. Our goal at the end of this language learning marathon is to take a language exam! We are going to invite member of the Dublin Syrian community to test our Arabic.


Watch our first video:




Please support us. A donation of 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 euro will help us reach our goal and will make a substantial contribution to the work of Human Appeal in Syria.

You can support us by joining the challenge. If you work in another language school, share this project with you co-workers and take on the challenge yourself.

Tell your friends. Share this on Facebook and encourage your friends to support this campaign.

Keep coming back! We’ll be posting weekly updates with photos, videos and blogs about our progress.


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