The Women of Everest Language School

The Women of Everest

Director of Studies: Anne-Marie Connolly (English Teacher in Everest)

Anne-Marie Connolly

– Director of Studies, Doctor of Neuroscience and proud owner of Everest! Anne-Marie grew up in Tipperary, Ireland and has been teaching English for more than 10 years now. Her incredible care for the students and staff, her authentic and unique teaching methods and her supportive personality are just some of the things that make Anne-Marie a wonderful woman, a great teacher and a fantastic colleague to work with.


María Lago Salcedo

– Director of Operations, Spanish teacher and another proud owner of Everest Language School. María moved from Madrid to Dublin 7 years ago and has studied, taught and worked in language schools for over half a decade. Her superhuman knowledge of how the school works from the ground up, make her the person we all run to for help. She is compassionate, brave and super strong and we are blessed to have her on our team at Everest!


 Areum Ahn

– Office ninja and all-round incredible woman! She was born in Seoul, Korea and has been living in Ireland for 3 years now. It’s great to work with Areum and she’s always there to help both students and staff. We could add a million of positive things but we’ll leave it at this: we can’t live without her!


Rachel Condon

– Super teacher at Everest. Rachel is from Kilkenny and her smile, kindness and love for teaching are incredibly valuable to our school (and her homemade cookies are absolutely delicious.. yumm!). Her knowledge of grammar and English exams would be terrifying if she wasn’t so caring and approachable. All her students love her and so do we!



Kristina Bartsch

– Latest addition to the Everest team and super quick learner. She’s from Lithuania and she’s currently doing an internship with us and learning everything about the office madness! Her motivation and the care she puts into all her jobs are very much appreciated and we’re all delighted to have her with us!




María José García

– María is from León, Spain, and she is our Spanish teacher. She moved to Ireland in 2005 and it was here, during a course at Instituto Cervantes, that she discovered her love for teaching languages. She’s a very dedicated teacher, a great woman and another fantastic member of the Everest team!






And of course… all our fantastic students!

Happy Women’s day! 

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