Learn English Idioms: Valentine's

Learn English Idioms for Valentine’s Day – Updated 2021

Learn English idioms for Valentine’s Day
with Everest Language School


We want to wish all of our followers a very happy Valentine’s day and want to teach you some English Idioms for Valentine’s Day. For any of you who want to learn English idioms about love and the heart we have created a post over on our instagram just for you. Please feel free to share the poster with you friends and help “spread the love”. Have a great Valentine’s day and we hope that using some of these idioms will help

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English vocabulary about Love , Dating and Matt Damon – Podcast

Love in the time of COVID

English vocabulary about Love , Dating and Matt Damon – Podcast

English vocabulary about Love

Here we are with our third episode in our podcast series and in this one we will be dealing with the topic that has been in all our lives this past year: Covid-19. We will listen to a moving story about a loved one who had the disease, we will hear some pointers on dating during this period and there will be a tale of a Hollywood celebrity locked down in Ireland.


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English vocabulary about sea swimming

English vocabulary about sea swimming in Ireland – Podcast

In this podcast you will learn lots of English vocabulary about sea swimming and hear lots of interesting stories and facts about this strange Irish obsession.

Welcome to the second instalment of our new podcast series. Have you ever swum in the sea in Ireland? If not, why not? Listen to our new episode for some encouragement! We’ll hear about a woman who used to swim in the sea every day, we’ll listen to some practical advice and information about how sea-swimming affects us and we’ll get a first-hand account of

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Everest Podcast - Learn English

English vocabulary about adventure and overcoming challenges – Podcast

Vocabulary about adventure and overcoming challenges in the new episode of our podcast: Learn English with Everest.

English vocabulary about adventure and overcoming challenges – Podcast

Podcast: Episode 1 of our new season of podcasts

Welcome to Everest’s new podcast series where we can experience together a little of the highs and lows and ins and outs of life. In these podcasts, we will listen to real stories from real people, hear about interesting topics from Ireland and around the globe, and get some advice, tips and ideas for ways to change how

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ENGLISH school staying online for 2020

Why Everest is Staying Online – Updated February 2021

Our plan is for Everest to remain online for now. We will safely open our doors in 2021 and will carefully begin face-to-face classes again. As you can read below our decision to remain online is based on the best interests, health and safety of our students and  staff.

The current situation

As you know, Covid-19 continues to be a major source of concern both in Ireland and globally. Weighing up the risks and the benefits of reopening our school at this time has been a very difficult and very serious task

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Learn English Online

Learn English Online

Learn English Online Book your Online English Course There has never been a better time to learn English online    Much of the world has been in lockdown for some weeks now. Being at home has become the new normal, and many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than we [...]
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Learn English Online - Morning ritual

Learning English at Home – Advice from a Cognitive Scientist

Learning English at Home

Advice on learning English at home
from Cognitive Science PhD Candidate and Tutor at UCD

In the last week we have been forced to move all of our classes online. We have been amazed by the creativity and adaptability of our teachers and the flexibility and enthusiasm of out students.

We know that studying at home comes with a lot more challenges and the Covid19 situation has put a lot of you into a situation where your normal routines have been turned on their head. As you know Everest was

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Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus precautions

While we still do not wish to worry or alarm you, we are continuing to take the threat of this virus seriously and we are placing the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff at the top of our list of priorities. With this in mind we would like to provide you with the following information:

Have you been exposed to the Coronavirus?

If within the last 14 days, you have come to Ireland from an outbreak zone or have been in contact with a

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IELTS Listening Tips

IELTS Listening Tips – IELTS Listening Tips

IELTS Listening Tips

General Tips for the IELTS Listening Exam

Stay focused while you’re listening and then carefully transfer your answers to the answer sheet. 

Use the time when examples are being played to read ahead through the questions – if you’re familiar with the exam you know the format, you don’t need to listen to the long example at the very beginning

You have 30 second at the end of each section to read over answers but this could be better spent looking at the next section

Practice the full exam, at home, lots

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IELTS Speaking tips

IELTS Speaking Tips – IELTS Podcast Ep.3

IELTS Speaking Tips

A few general IELTS speaking tips:

Show the examiner what you can do and use every opportunity to talk – no monosyllabic answers!
Part 1 is “easy” in content but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use complex grammar and vocabulary. 
Ask the examiner to clarify or repeat if you’re not sure. These types of interactions also show your level of English, they don’t have to be a problem. Say something like “Sorry, could you repeat that”, rather than “eh?” or “what?”
Record yourself on your phone and listen back to improve. You

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