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Everest offers Cambridge Exam preparation in Dublin for the the FCE and CAE. The Cambridge suite of exams: B2 First Certificate in English (FCE) and C1 Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) are recommended for those who which to show their level of English to potential employers as well as some universities. These English exams are offered by the University of Cambridge in a number of test centres in Dublin and around Ireland. Everest Language School offers evening Cambridge exam preparation courses as well as one-to-one B2 and C1 exam preparation classes. If you are interested in Cambridge exam preparation in Dublin (B2 First Certificate in English FCE or C1 Certificate in Advanced English CAE) please contact us, or book your course and start today.

Cambridge Preparation Teachers in Ireland

Everest’s Cambridge Exam Preparation in Dublin


Cambridge preparation courses are suitable for students from a B2 level of English. If your level is B2, we recommend you take the First Certificate in English (FCE)


Cambridge preparation courses are also suitable for students at a C1 level of English. If your level is C1, we recommend you take the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)


In addition to the Cambridge Exam preparation in Dublin we offer, we also offer IELTS preparation courses. IELTS is one of the most widely accepted exams in the world. You can find out more about our IELTS preparation courses here.

Why you should take a Cambridge Exam?

Cambridge exams are often requested by employers as a proof of your level of English. If you are looking for work in Ireland, a Cambridge exam can be way to demonstrate your English proficiency. The exam is more based on real world English than other exams. The English you encounter in the CAE or FCE is close to the English you will encounter in your every day life or in a work setting. There are four sections to the exam (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as vocabulary and use of English (grammar) in context.

Which Cambridge Exam should I take?

As a first step, we would recommend you take our online level test. Depending on your current level of English we can then advise you on which exam is best for you to take. There are 3 levels to the Cambridge suite of exams:

  • FCE (B2 First) This qualification shows you have the language skills needed to communicate confidently in an English-speaking environment.
  • CAE (C1 Advanced) This is proof of high-level achievement in English and the ideal qualification to prepare you for university or professional life.
  • CPE (C2 Proficiency) This is our highest level qualification and it shows the world you have mastered English to an exceptional level.

We are here to help you, so please contact us if you you are considering taking a Cambridge exam. We have Cambridge preparation courses and one-to-one Cambridge (FCE and CAE) exam preparation lessons. And if you are not ready to take the FCE or the CAE yet, we also have lots of General English courses.

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Cambridge Qualified Teachers

All of our Cambridge exam preparation teachers also have Cambridge teaching qualifications. In fact, all Everest teachers have a minimum of an undergraduate degree and a Cambridge certificate in Teaching English. If you are taking a FCE or CAE preparation course, you can be confident that your teacher has years of experience preparing students for these exams.

Cambridge (FCE and CAE) Course Timetable

We offer evening and afternoon Cambridge exam preparation courses in Dublin and online. The focus in the classes is on skills and exam techniques. Each day the teacher will focus on different skills in class and you will interact with both your teacher and the other students. Every week, you will get homework including practice FCE and CAE tests to help you prepare for the exam in the shortest possible time.

Taking the Cambridge Exam in Dublin

There are a number of centre where you can take the Cambridge exams in Dublin, as the prices change every year, we would recommend you check their websites in order to check the price of FCE or CAE exam. If you are considering taking a Cambridge exam, we would recommend you book a minimum of 4 weeks preparation in order to fully understand the exam. However, most students dedicate at least 12 weeks to specifically preparing for these exams.

Cambridge Exam Results

Can I prepare for the exam online?

Yes, absolutely. All of our English courses are now available online with live teachers. These are one to one lessons.

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