This course is focused on people who are looking for work in an English speaking country, who need English to work in their own country or who want to find a better job in Ireland. While we believe that the most important thing is to focus on your general level of English (grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking), we also understand that you need to develop specific skills.

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We offer one-to-one Business English courses in our school:

If you need to improve your professional English for your job, or if you are looking for a job in an English speaking country, we have lots of courses that could help you. Our one-to-one business English classes are adapted to the needs of you, the student, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Our most popular option for students who wish to improve their English for work is our one-to-one private business English classes. In these classes the teacher will develop a customised programme for you, to focus on the areas where you need to improve. We can organise these lessons to match your schedule before or after work any day of the week.

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    If you can’t come to our school in Dublin to improve your Business English, you can still make great progress online with our blog and podcasts. You can go over to our blog and find lots of great business English resources (PDFs, vocabulary, lessons, etc.). Or if you want to start improving your professional English, you can start listening to our podcast right now for free.

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