List of English Schools in Dublin, Ireland – Updated 2023

List of English Schools in Dublin 2023

List of English Schools in Dublin

Complete List of English Schools in Dublin

There are over 100,000 international students coming to Ireland every year. There are between 25 to 30 English Language Schools in the Dublin area alone. Choosing the best English school to study at can be a bit difficult! There are many factors to consider when choosing the best English school in Dublin. Ideally, most students look for a high quality school, in a central location that doesn’t cost a lot of money! You want to find an English school that understands that you are usually on a tight budget. But you also want to make sure you learn as much English as possible from great teachers. 

ILEP stands for ‘Interim List of Eligible Programmes’. Simply put, ILEP is a government introduced accreditation to ensure language schools in Ireland are following proper rules and regulations regarding students studying on Study Visas from non-EEA countries. As a non-EEA student it’s very important to check that the school you want to study at is on this list. If the school is not on the list, you may risk facing issues with immigration services and run into problems when applying for or renewing your VISA.

List of English Schools in Dublin

List of Schools in Dublin 2 (City Centre)

English schools in Dublin  – City centre

Below is a list of English schools in Dublin. Students can sometimes be stuck between one or two schools to choose from, and often location is the final deciding factor. Schools based in Dublin such as Everest, CES and ELI are in the heart of Dublin City and right beside Temple Bar which is Dublin’s most well known tourist attraction and cultural hub. From Everest, for example, it is a 2 minute walk to Trinity College, the river Liffey and Grafton Street – Dublin’s busiest shopping street. It’s arguably the most accessible part of Dublin by public transport with Dublin Bus, the DART (Train service) and the Luas (Tram service) all stopping next to Westmoreland street, Dublin 2. So if your travelling from a host family, student apartment or hostel, it won’t take long! Check out this blog for details on finding student accommodation in Dublin!

List of English schools in Dublin

List of English Schools in Ireland

List of English Schools in Ireland

Dublin isn’t the only great city in Ireland to study in! The two other big cities in Ireland are Galway and Cork, in the West of Ireland. Theses are both cities that are full of students as they have college campuses for University College Cork and the National University of Ireland, Galway. In comparison to other cities such as London, Irish cities are much smaller in population and size, which means students feel at home and learn their way around a lot faster! Ireland is listed as number 9 in the top ten friendliest countries in the world, so making friends to practice your English with will be easy! Another benefit of Ireland being a small country is that whatever city you choose to study in, if you want to go explore the rest of Ireland, the trips don’t take long and can often be done over a weekend with most schools offering excursions!

List of schools around Ireland

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