Gerunds and Infinitives, and Swimming Vocabulary – Podcast episode 4

Gerunds and Infinitives, and Swimming Vocabulary

Swimming Vocabulary

To get on board – Is everyone on board with this idea?

Definition: In agreement with; ready or willing to participate.

To be on board Idiom
A jellyfish

Vocabulary- Jellyfish
To sting (sting-stung-stung)

vocabulary Sting
A nettle (a type of stinging plant)

Vocabulary Nettle
A reef (e.g. a coral reef)

Vocabulary Coral Reef

Gerund or Infinitive?

Gerund (-ing):

I enjoy swimming
Do you feel like going out later?
I finished working at 6pm


I want to go
I hope to see her next year
I decided to go for a swim

Gerund OR infinitive with no difference

I prefer swimming / to swim
I like to swim at the weekend / I like swimming at the weekend

Gerund OR infinitive with a difference

I remembered to get some milk (= I didn’t forget)
I remember getting my first bike when I was a child (this is one of my memories from the past)

I stopped smoking

I stopped to smoke

Always -ing after a preposition

I’m thinking of going out
I’m interested in doing that


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