Uses of ‘Get’ in English – Podcast Episode 1


Everest Language School has a new podcast to help you to learn English! 

Episode 1 – Uses of ‘Get’ 

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In Episode 1, Conor talks about the weather. Here is some vocabulary that he uses: 







Bucketing down

Pissing rain

Lashing rain

Conor uses a lot of phrases with ‘get’.

Here are some of the basic meanings of the ‘get’ phrases that you will hear:

Expressions with ‘get’

1/ I got some great Christmas presents this year. (receive)

2a/ Those shoes are lovely, where did you get them? (buy/find)

2b/ I’m trying to get a new apartment at the moment (buy/find)

3/ When did you get here? (arrive/reach)

4/ Do you get what I mean? (understand)

5/ Would you get my shoes? (fetch)

6/ Get the train (take public transport)

Get + adjective = become.

E.g. It’s getting hot, I’m getting tired

when you jump in the river you get really cold

as we were getting closer 

Get + past participle

E.g. Get + married / divorced / engaged

Get (un)dressed / changed / lost / fired / hired

Phrasal Verbs with ‘get’

Get up in the morning

Get on well with somebody

Get away from a place

Conor also mentions Nouveaunoise music. You can listen to them here:

We hope that you enjoy listening to Episode 1!


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