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Some recent mentions of Everest Language School in the press:

Everest Language School is on Travel Mag‘s list of Dublin’s top English schools:

We’ve looked into all of the language schools in Dublin and come up with our top three. In doing so we’ve tried to provide as much variety as possible, but you can be sure that each one comes with a high level of repute. We hope you find our selection useful.


Everest featured in a recent article in The Dublin Enquirer about improving the standards for teachers in Dublin.

Many schools are trying to offer teachers more job security, he says.

The industry has been waiting for the “International Education Mark” – an inspection and quality-check for schools – to be implemented, he said.

“I would hope that increased academic oversight and regulation would force a rise in standards for teachers and students by weeding out any remaining rouge operators,” he says.

There was a lot of press about Anne-Marie’s PhD thesis findings:

The Irish Independent:

Studies carried out by the Director of Everest Language School, Anne-Marie Connolly, recently awarded a PhD from Trinity College, explored how learning languages and being bilingual affects the development, function and change of basic cognitive activities.

Study Travel Magazine:

This week, Dr Anne-Marie Connolly, Director of Studies at Everest Language School in Ireland, who recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a PhD in Neuroscience, talks about her research focused on language learners and people who speak more than one language.

Everest was also rated as one of Dublin’s top schools by Aprendingingles.com

Muchos quieren venir a Irlanda a aprender inglés, pero no saben que academia elegir y tienen que navegar durante horas en Internet para comparar precios y opiniones. En este artículo, os traigo un listado con las 10mejores academias de inglés de Dublín, con opiniones, precios y cursos que oferta. Espero que sea interesante.

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