Irish Music and Dance

Irish Music and Dance

Irish Music and Dance

by Eva Boes

Something you have to see when you are in Ireland and absolutely can’t miss is the traditional Irish music and dance. It’s famous all over the world and known as typically Irish.

You can hear traditional Irish music in some souvenir shops, music shops, live in a pub or on the street.


Famous Irish musicians

Not all Irish musicians are making traditional Irish music but are famous for their own kind of music. I’m sure you have heard of Sinéad O’Connor, U2, Van Morrison, Enya, The Dubliners, The Cranberries, The Frames, Damien Rice and/or The Script. Of course there are a lot more famous musicians you probably know but it would be a very long list to write, which would be too much for everybody to read.


Street music

I shouldn’t have been surprised, when I walked down Grafton Street and heard incredibly good street music. No wonder, because backing tracks were banned from Dublin Streets in August. Without backing tracks, street music feels more authentic and in this way you can hear the real talent of the musicians. And on the streets of Dublin there are many talented people (buskers).


Traditional dances

Beside great music you can find amazing dance in Ireland. One of the most typical dances is tap dance which you can see in the worldwide famous dance show Riverdance. Riverdance started 1994 as an interval performance at the Eurovision Song Contest with composed music by Bill Whelan, but that was not the beginning of tap dance. Tap dance is a fusion out of African tribal dances and Irish jigs and has its beginning in America in the 19th century.

There is clearly a connection between traditional Irish music and Irish dance. The rhythm works perfectly with the dance and the dance perfectly with the melody. It’s worth watching and maybe trying it yourself.


Social activity

On Wednesday, it’s time again for our social activity, the Ceili. Every student is invited to take part and learn how to dance this folk dance. Sign in at the reception if you’re interested.


Enjoy yourself! Enjoy the Irish feeling!




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