Dublin Slang Explanation

Dublin Slang Explanation

Dublin Slang Explanation

by Eva Boes

Learning English in a city like Dublin isn’t always that easy. It’s a big place with a lot of people of many different nationalities. Even some native speaker are really hard to understand. Why? Well some native speakers or just young people are using their own kind of language. Ever heard of a slang? It’s an informal way to say some words or phrases.

You might have heard some slang already, when you were talking to somebody who uses Dublin Slang. Were there some phrases you didn’t understand? That could have been slang.

To introduce you to the Dublin Slang I tried to do some research to clear up possible confusion. The following are 5 slang phrases or words with a matching explanation.

5 Dublin Slang Explanations:

  • I was scarlet  –  Could be translated into: I was feeling rather embarrassed.
  • D’yaknowhwatimeanlike  –  Is a punctuation to end a sentence and check for understanding.
  • Yokeymabob or thingymajig  –  Could be used when you can’t remember the name of something.
  • Mad scone  –  Is a way to describe somebody cool, but a little crazy.
  • C’mere ‘til I tell ya  –  Would be something like: Do come over when you have time so I can share my story with you. (This could be gossip as well.)

I hope that you can understand now a little bit of the Dublin Slang and feel free to use some of these expressions. Please remember: One of the major things is, that you still have to be friendly and polite if you’re using them.

Enjoy Dublin! Enjoy speaking English!


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