Autumn in Ireland

Autumn in Ireland

Autumn in Ireland


I’m sure you heard already, that it’s possible to have all four seasons in one day here in Ireland. Well there is something else special about the autumn in Ireland. It’s not only that you feel it’s getting colder and that we are having more rain, but the Irish calendar actually starts autumn earlier than in other countries.


Irish Calendar

The official starting date of autumn is the 22 September but in Ireland autumn starts in August and lasts until October. The Irish people say that this is also changeable, but most important to know is that Winter and Summer are longer than Spring and Autumn.

The Irish winter starts officially in November and lasts until January. Spring starts in February and summer in May.



Typical for autumn is that the leaves turn from green to red to brown. Of course that’s the same on the magical green island Ireland. There are some evergreen plants as well, but most plants turn brown in autumn. But the nature is still great to visit.



Autumn is the season when the temperature starts to fall again (from 16°C to 11°C on average). And there are also two of the main rainfall months of the year. But it’s still a good time to visit museums when it’s raining, right?


Special Occasions

There are some special occasions in autumn. First there is the 30th October when you have to turn back your clock. But don’t worry. Like this you have one hour more to sleep. And if you are not sure how you should remember when you have to turn your clock back and when forward, try to remember: Clocks fall back (in autumn/fall) and they spring forward (in spring).

On the 31st October it’s Halloween. Halloween is a day when everybody dresses up, sets off (illegal) fireworks, burns bonfires and has parties with nice games. Children have the Trick or Treat ritual. But it’s also a day with a lot of history. Watch the following video to learn about the history.


Halloween History | National Geographic


I hope you are having a nice autumn in Ireland.

Enjoy the nature! Enjoy Halloween!


National Geographic

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