Cambridge Use of English – CAMBRIDGE PODCAST EP3

Everest Podcast Ep 11: Cambridge Use of English

Cambridge Use of English (Podcast)

Some tips for Cambridge Use of English and reading

Practicing your English outside the classroom:

Reading as much as you can and taking note of grammar

Listening to and breaking down grammar of favourite songs

Watching local TV rather than just your favourite shows online

Keeping a vocab notebook with language chunks and examples, not just individual words (e.g To be interested in sth / in doing sth” not just “interested = word in my language”

Write a blog, force yourself to write things to you keep thinking about grammar and vocab


Reading & Cambridge Use of English Paper

Adv – 1hr 30 Min, 4 x Use of English, 4 x Reading

First – 1hr 15 mins, 4 x Use of English, 3 x Reading


Advanced First
1 Multiple Choice Cloze 1 Multiple Choice Cloze
2 Open Cloze 2 Open Cloze
3 Word Formation 3 Word Formation
4 Key Word Transformation 4 Key Word Transformation


1 Multiple Choice Cloze

8 questions. 4 options for each

All about idioms and collocations

You can usually rule out one or two answers quite quickly. If you’re not sure take an educated guess.

You need to be constantly building your vocabulary to get better at this section


2 Open Cloze

It can be “any” word but it’s very restricted

The missing words are usually pronouns, prepositions, linking words, adverbs. They will much less commonly be verbs, nouns, adjectives

Collocations and short phrases (as soon as, in order to) important here too

Think about where in the sentence a word comes (eg at the beginning it might be “However”, but very unlikely to be “But”


3 Word Formation

This is all about word families – prefixes and suffixes, word types (noun, verb, etc)

Think about whether the word is positive or negative (eg does it need “un” or “dis”)

Think about the type of word (eg it might need “-ly” if it’s an adverb)

As with all the section, skim read the whole text quickly at the beginning , the context will help you out


4 Key Word Transformation

This is a “you know it or you don’t” section, unlike the other parts where you can either guess with multiple choice or at least take a stab. 

Don’t waste time if you don’t know. Move on and come back later if you have time. A good one to come back to at the very end if you’re missing any.

Remember you have to use the word exactly as given

Keep the tense, the person, etc the same. Don’t change things unnecessarily 

Phrasal verbs come up a lot here. So does the passive.

There will often be multiple changes, e.g using an idiom and changing something to the passive for example. 

Remember in Cambridge Use of English, as elsewhere, a contraction (don’t, we’ll) is TWO words.


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