Paddy’s Day in Dublin 2017: Expressions, Phrases, and Information

Learn Irish English for Paddy's Day

Learn Irish English Expressions for Paddy’s Day

‘Well, what’s the craic? Do you have a couple of DEADLY Irish expressions ready for Paddy’s Day?’


  1. “What’s the craic, are we heading to the parade?” Translation : What is the plan, shall we go to see the parade?
  2. “Stall the ball, I’m just after waking up!” Translation: Give me a couple of minutes, I have just woken up.
  3. “Well we would want to get a move on” Translation: We need to hurry up.
  4. “It’ll be grand, sure.” Translation : Don’t worry, everything will be ok
  5. “Are you coming for a few scoops later on?” Translation : Are you joining us for a drink, or two later today?”
  6. “I’m not sure, I’m knackered and I have a bit of a head on me” Translation I don’t know, I’m very tired and a little bit hungover
  7. “I bet you’re raging that you went out last night, are you?” Translation: Are you annoyed about your decision to go out last night?
  8. “Ah no, I’m grand, you know yourself. And there was savage banter at the party to be fair” Translation: “Not really, I’m ok, you understand. And furthermore the party was a lot of fun.
  9. “You’re a gas ticket! C’mon so til we get you the hair of the dog and we’ll head out and go bananas later” Translation: You are crazy! Let’s go and get you a drink to cure your hangover and later we will party.
  10. “Deadly buzz, sounds class. Lovely hurling altogether” Translation: That sounds good to me.


More Words and Phrases for St.Patrick’s Day 2017

In this video, you can hear lots of Dublin people saying typical Irish expressions. This is not the type of English that you will learn in a class in your country. These are the expressions, words and phrases and Irish people (and particularly Dublin people) use when they talk to each other. It’s not necessary for you to learn all of these phrases, but using a few and understanding a few more, will make your time in Ireland a lot more fun!

If you want to learn more about Dublin slang expressions, you can check out previous post called Dublin Slang Expressions.


What’s happening in Dublin for Paddy’s Day in 2017?


There is so much happening in Dublin that it would be impossible for us to tell you everything. To check what’s happening in the city, you can visit the official St.Patrick’s day website.

The celebrations begin in Dublin on Thursday. There is so much happening throughout the city, but our big recommendation is the outdoor Céilí. A Céilí is a traditional Irish dance party. Hundreds of people will meet at Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin 2 for the biggest Céilí in the world. Here you will have the chance to see the best Irish dancers in the world and learn how to dance yourself!

Friday is St.Patrick’s Day (Paddy’s Day). There will be so much happening around the city, but the main event will be the parade. The Dublin St.Patrick’s day parade is incredible and attracts visitors from all around the world. There will be hundred of amazing musicians, dancers, performers and works of art moving through the Dublin streets. Dublin can be extremely busy and it can be hard to see the parade from the street, so we are inviting our students to drop by the school for one of the best views in the whole city. Our students will be able to watch the parade pass right past our classrooms.

If Dublin gets to crazy and too busy for you, you can alway escape to Howth. In Howth, on the St.Patrick’s weekend there will be a Prawn Festival where you can taste the delicious world famous Dublin Bay prawn.

Route Map of St.Patrick’s Parade 2017:

2017 Dublin parade route:

The Dublin parade will start on the Parnell Square on the North of the city will come down O’Connell street, cross the O’Connell st. bridge and continue onto Westmoreland st. (passing Everest Language School). The parade will then turn right onto Dame street. At Christchurch, the parade will turn left and continue in the direction of St.Patrick’s cathedral before finally turning left again and finishing on Kevin’s street.

Where is the best place to watch the parade from? Everest, of course!

Here some photos from Paddy’s Day from Everest

View more amazing photos on our Facebook page.

St.Patrick’s Day Wordsearch

To finish up today’s post, we have prepared a little wordsearch to help you to revise some of the St.Patrick’s day phrases, vocabulary and expressions you have learned today. From all the Everest team, we wish you a very happy St.Patrick’s day 2017!

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